Wilson's Freakout Gives Media Advantage

For those that have not heard yet or have yet to read about the recent radio interview conducted by the "Zakk and Jack Show" with Indiana University's first-year head coach Kevin Wilson, there was a major battle of differing viewpoints that ultimately resulted in some heavy words coming from both the hosts and Wilson.

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The show opened up with the Indiana fight song being played in the background and a few comments ensued regarding Indiana's lackluster football program. These comments were heard by Wilson, who was put on hold at the time.

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Wilson quickly snapped back with comments targeting the media's harsh treatment of Indiana, and he specifically singled out the hosts.

Having yet to coach a single game at Indiana, Wilson displayed an enormous amount of school pride and his immediate defense of the school's football program shows that Wilson believes this program is on the rise.

"We look forward to the challenges," Wilson said. "It's not like climbing Mount Everest. I just don't like being on here with guys cracking jokes about our program. I'm not an Indiana alum, but I take a little pride in what we do."

Defending your school is one thing, but blatantly attacking radio hosts is not a good way to do so. His comments can be found all over the internet, and more importantly, by his current players, alumni, and possible recruits.

There are two ways to see this controversy.

Wilson was in the wrong by verbally attacking the hosts and overreacting to their remarks, or the hosts showed a lack of respect for their guest by cracking jokes while he was on air.

Personally, the hosts should have shown more respect towards Wilson and there's no excuse for making not-so-funny comments about a program that has been, quite frankly, down in the dumps.

Wilson has a lot riding on him in his first year. Indiana is attempting to earn its first bowl bid since 2007 and their first bowl win since 1991. The program hasn't had a coach who has finished with a .500 or higher winning percentage since Bo McMillin from 1934-1947 – Wilson is hoping he can do what McMillin did over 60 years ago.

And with a lack of talent on both sides of the ball, Wilson's odds of doing so are very slim. It also doesn't help that Indiana plays in one of the nation's most competitive conferences.

But back to Wilson's outburst on the radio.

No, he shouldn't have reacted that way. He made himself vulnerable and showed that the media can, indeed, get under his skin. Knowing this, the media could make Wilson a target of theirs and attempt to generate another Wilson outburst, but this time, on the national scene.

This is where images of Bob Knight, a former Indiana basketball coach from 1971-2000, come to mind.

Despite his success at the University, Knight had many encounters with players and media members, some of which involved physical contact. Because of this, Knight came off as the "bad guy". The media, along with a freshman player at the time who claimed he was forcefully grabbed by Knight, ran him out of the school.

For Wilson, this could be a possibility down the road. It may be just one unfortunate encounter with two radio hosts, but these are the type of incidents that can lead to more serious situations down the road – the type of encounters that Knight had with the media at Indiana.

With his brash remarks to two radio hosts, Wilson created an opening for the media – an opening that could wind up leading to a road filled with many more confrontations with the media.

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