Ahead of schedule

The Nebraska football team kicked off its first two-a-day session of fall camp with a two-hour practice this morning. Come inside to hear how the session went.

Lincoln, NE - Today was the first two-a-day practice for Nebraska and the media was allowed in to talk to coaches and players after session No. 1.

The biggest fish caught by the media today was Nebraska defensive coordinator Carl Pelini, who says the complete defensive package has been installed already.

"Different days we are trying to focus on different aspects of it, but it's all in," said Pelini. "It's probably a week a head of where we have ever been at this point. The guys know the system better, they are more experienced with it...we would rather correct at full-speed than teach it on the chalkboard."

Pelini was also quick to point out the progress that junior college safety Daimion Stafford is making through the first seven days of camp.

"He's picking it up really fast," Pelini said. "It's amazing how well he's playing and how much he does understand. I knew that when I was recruiting him that what they did at (Chaffey College) coverage-wise was not the same, but conceptually pretty advanced for a junior college. He came in with a lot of background knowledge, and it's just applying it to how we do it."  

Other highlights of practice was when Nebraska running back's coach Ron Brown shared with the media his message for the young running backs entering the program.

"I told these guys look, I know you are fast and quick. I know you have fun playing and I love your excitement and energy level, but this is Running Back U. This is how it used to be back in the day. We have always had great running backs. There isn't anything special about you guys. You have to go out and earn it," said Brown. "Vince Lombardi once said potential means, you haven't done it yet."

More to come from Coach Brown and the rest of practice throughout the afternoon on Big Red Report.

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