Future Husker, Adrain Turner - update

As Husker fans anticipate the beginning of a new season, they anticipate as well those players that are hoped to be part of the successful future, or at the very least, hopeful future for the Big Red. Adrain Turner's speed and cover skills have made him an eagerly anticipated part of that and we had a brief chance to see what was going on with him, before he steps on campus.

Adrain Turner -Terrell,TX (DB-5'10-185-4.5/40) I had a chance to speak with Adrain Turner this evening about how things have been going and what his plans are for this upcomming summer.

"Things have been pretty normal right now. I've been kind of busy with track." Not only has he been busy but as part of his high school relay team they set a new school record and placed 2nd in regionals.

As for what Adrain will be doing in the next couple weeks, he will be finishing school and moving up to Lincoln "I think I'll be in Lincoln on the 14th (June), it's the second Saturday in June, but I think that's the date." He will start working out with those doing summer work outs at that point and isn't shy about wanting to see the field. "I talk to Coach Gill once a week or so, they want me to play some kind of nickleback for them this year if I can. Fabian (Washington) is the only really DB they have with any experience."

As for any contact with Marvin Sanders, Adrain's soon-to-be position coach, Adrain hasn't spoken with him. Gill seems to be his primary contact right now.

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