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Michael Rose has heard the concerns about this year's recruiting class for Nebraska. It will be undersized in compared to other years. It is filling up a little slowly. Rose is calm and cool about it. He knows that the best thing to help sell the class will be on the field on September 3rd in Lincoln. Rose says, once they see it they will come.

Michael Rose, a 6-foot-0 and 210-pound linebacker from Kansas City (Mo.) Rockhurst is back out on the field with his team. In fact, there was a scrimmage yesterday and he's less than two weeks away from his first game.

"We just got done with our first week of two a days," Rose said. "We had our first scrimmage yesterday. We are full go. We have a game in 12 days."

Rose says that there is a lot of optimism about this year's Rockhurst team and he can't stop talking about the defense. He said that the defense shined in the scrimmage yesterday.

"Our defense was so good yesterday. We know 11 guys that can play defense and make plays. It's great to get back on the field and get back out there with my team."

One might think to give opposing teams a different look that they might be moving Rose around on defense. That's not the case. In fact, Rose says that there are 11 players on defense all capable of making plays at any time for Rockhurst.

"No really, we're Rockhurst and we have a rich tradition of defense at our school I think. My job is to play my role. Teams can run away from me, but they are running into another DI player. This is not a one trick pony defense."

Rose has set up his official visit for Nebraska. However, he will be trying his best to make it up to Lincoln each and every home game weekend. It's just going to depend on when his game is and what time the start is in Lincoln.

"I will be up for the Ohio State game. My plan is to get up to every home game I can. I plan on being up there for the first couple of games as an unofficial visit.

"That is the plan to drive up that morning on Saturday on every home game weekend. I want to make it up to as many as I can depending on how the schedules play out."

The last time that either Rose or Greg McMullen spoke to they were both reaching out to recruits trying to get them thinking about Nebraska. Rose says it will be a small class this year, but it will still be a good one.

"We are still looking for guys. We know that it's a small class this year, but it's about quality and not quantity. We think that we have some guys on the verge of committing.

"We have Facebook and we have Twitter. We are using every outlet out there trying to reach someone. I think that we will have some commitments over the first few weeks and get things rolling."

He knows that these players that will visit Nebraska will of course want to see the football game and the team. However, Rose is convinced that it's everything else in Lincoln on a game weekend that will convince these players that Lincoln is the right place for them.

"The people that visit Nebraska first want to know about football and they will see that. Beyond that they want to know what else is there to do. When they get to see that all around Lincoln you'll be out of your mind not to play for a university like that."

Nebraska will only be taking about 15 players this year in their recruiting class. Rose has heard the concerns about the class being a little slow getting to where it is. Rose wants to tell everyone to wait until the season starts and be ready for big things to happen.

"I think that people are concerned a little bit about the class filling up slowly. I would like to tell them all that once the season gets rolling that list is going to fill up once they see that team. We will have the best 15 players we can possibly get."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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