Media Q&A w/Kyler Reed

We have seen what Kyler Reed can do to defenses, but now the tight end speedster is trying to become an overall better play. How does he plan to accomplish this? If you don't have a premium membership, you are missing out!

On blocking...
"It's something I have been working on. It's all little things, technique, footwork that I have been working on with Coach Morrow. It's big for me, because I want to stay on the field. I have to be able to block as the No. 1 or No. 2 tight end."

How do you fit in this offense?
"I think it's really good for me, because we do a lot of stuff. With me being a tweener, somewhere between a tight end and a receiver, it allows me sometimes the ability to spread out or be a tight end. It gives me a lot of freedom."

They want me to be versatile. Obviously there is room for me to grow down the road, but they want me working at tight end.

During the summer, I worked a lot of different spots. So I could be ready when camp came along to line up anywhere. Right now, we are not really prepping for any teams, so I'm staying at tight end trying to lock down that spot right now."

Thoughts on Taylor through camp...
"He's looked really crisp, he's strong this year, obvioulsy his mental game has gone way up. He's looking really sharp."

Has he been finding you?
"Yeah, I talk to him, but I don't to pressure him. I don't want him trying to lock on me because when we play a good defense. He's done a really good job spreading around the ball during this camp."

How close is this offense being ready to play a game?
"I would like to say right now. Really, we need to just iron out a lot of little things. It's the little things that are hurting us. We have a lot of stuff in right now and can do, but there are some techniques issues and penalties that we need to clean up. We are trying to cut them down and work on our ball secruity issues."

Did you have to change or focus on anything this summer to get ready for the Big Ten?
"For me, I have been just working on blocking. It's been everything, but I'm really just focused on blocking. There will be bigger guys in the Big Ten. We want to be attacking, we don't want to change what we are doing for them."

On facing defense in practice...
"Obvioiusly we have a talented defense, so we should be preped for about anyone we play. If we have a good practice against them, it's sort of a confidence booster."

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