Goodman sets official to NU

A recruit that tried to get up to Nebraska this summer was Evan Goldman. Goodman, an offensive lineman from Lakeland (Flor.), ended up pulling the trigger on a commitment to Arizona State before he could ever get to see Lincoln. Now, the four-star recruit is going to make some trips and the Huskers are one of them. What is he looking forward to seeing in Lincoln?

Evan Goodman and Lakeland (Flor.) are off to a good start. The 6-foot-4 and 290-pound offensive lineman got a good chance to line up against some top competition across the line of scrimmage.

"We played on Friday and won, 35-0," Goodman said. "We played against Lake Gibson. One of their defensive ends, Trent Taylor, is committed to Miami.

"I wanted to play the game to see where I was at, to see where he was at and I went out to outplay him. I thought that I did real good personally. Most of the touchdowns were to my side."

Goodman considers himself a commitment to Arizona State; following a brother that is already there. "I am committed to Arizona State still. My twin brother is there. He's the backup center as a redshirt freshman."

While Goodman considers himself a commitment to ASU he is still going to take some trips and look around. He will be on the road the first two weekends in September to two schools he wanted to visit this summer.

"I have set up visits to Notre Dame and to Nebraska. I am going to Notre Dame on September 3rd and to Nebraska on September 10th."

On those visits it's going to be important to Goodman to feel like he's at home. While Arizona State is a long ways from home having a brother there will allow him to adjust easier than at a school where he doesn't know anyone personally.

"I want to see if I feel at home at those schools. Those two schools are far away and there isn't someone there like my brother. Nebraska is also known for their offensive lineman."

Arizona State, Notre Dame and Nebraska are three schools that aren't very close to home to Goodman at all. He says that is by design because he wants to get out of state to go to school. "Yes sir, I want to leave the area to go to school. I want to get out and experience something different. I want to see something different."

Goodman says that the Nebraska trip is about seeing what other people have told him. He wants to see the offense because the Husker staff has told them that they intend on running the ball a lot.

"People have told me about Nebraska and I just want to see if for myself. I want to get out there, see the team and see the offense that they are going to run.

"They told me that they run the ball a lot. I want to meet the coaches that have been calling me and meet some of the team. I will be watching them on T.V. next week."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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