Diggs sets up Nebraska official visit

Jordan Diggs has been busy, but not busy with what he thought he would be doing. His team has started the season and he's not part of it. Diggs has been ruled ineligible and is coming up on his last appeal in just a couple of weeks. Still, recruiting hasn't backed off and he has set up his first official visit. In fact, he might visit this weekend unofficially.

One thing is for sure, Michael Rose is becoming a huge asset to Nebraska recruiting this year. Rose has reached out to a number of fellow defensive recruits, including Jordan Diggs, and has had an impact.

"That's my boy," Diggs said. "He and I talk, text each other and message over Facebook. He and I are cool."

Diggs has had a lot of articles written about him recently, but not about his on the field performances like he probably hoped. Instead, Diggs has been trying to get his senior year eligibility back after transferring high schools.

"I was ruled ineligible for my entire senior year. Someone filed a complaint to the state and the school board felt like I received an improper benefit.

"I have another hearing coming up on the 24th. That is the last appeal that I have before the state board. Hopefully they rule in my favor, but if they don't I won't play my senior year."

While Diggs is trying to get his eligibility back recruiting hasn't stopped because he might not play his senior year. Schools have stood by Diggs showing him their support for him and his effort.

"With schools and recruiting; I am fine. I have been getting so much support from all of the schools. I am strong in my faith and I am keeping my head held high. I am just training like crazy."

Diggs has been able to recently set up an official visit that he will take in the early part of October. He might not be the only player from Florida that will be visiting that weekend. An old friend might be with him.

"My official visit is set up for the Ohio State game. I don't know about Tyreece Jiles has confirmed that weekend or not, but I know that was the weekend that he did want to visit.

"I know Tyreece. He and I knew each other growing up and actually played on rival Pop Warner football teams when we were little. I talk to him a lot."

Diggs has heard a lot about Nebraska from Rose. Rose has since stopped telling Diggs about what to expect and is now telling him that he just needs to get there to see it for himself.

"I want to get to meet some of the people. I want to experience it because Mike has told me so much about it. In fact he recently said that he can't tell me anymore about it and that I just need to experience it.

"I want to experience the Husker fans flooding into that stadium on game day, experience the game day environment and know that I was there to see all of game day in Lincoln."

Diggs might actually see Lincoln before October if everything goes as planned. Diggs is talking to Rose about flying to Kansas City and then riding with him to Lincoln this weekend for the Fresno State game.

"I am actually trying to set that up. That's not confirmed yet. My brother is helping me out in looking for a flight. We are looking at flight prices, but we are shopping around. I have the green light to make it up there if I can get a reasonable flight."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in Scout.com's SuperPrep Magazine.
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