Blown Away!

Jordan Diggs had heard a lot about what to expect on his unofficial visit to Nebraska this past weekend from friend and Nebraska commitment, Michael Rose. Rose told Diggs though that he just had to see it for himself and with some high expectations, and a night crowd in Memorial Stadium, Diggs came away impressed with the experience in Lincoln.

Jordan Diggs might be ruled ineligible right now, but that isn't stopping him from being busy. He flew to Kansas City to meet up with Nebraska commitment, Michael Rose, and was in Lincoln tonight for the Nebraska/Fresno State game.

"This place in crazy," Diggs said. "I had envisioned something in my head and I had expectations about the visit. When you do that sometimes the place fails to live up to it.

"I came here and it's everything that I imagined and more. I really do love it. The visit couldn't have gone better. I was into it. I felt like I was part of everything."

Diggs has heard so much about Nebraska leading into the visit. In the end he just had to experience it himself. He said that the people in Lincoln made him feel like he was part of the team already.

"The people here were just great to me and Mike. We really felt like we were part of it. The only thing we were missing were pads and jerseys. It was awesome."

The secondary was tested tonight by Fresno State and a game like this will allow a defensive back to really examine what is happening on the field. Diggs said that he thought he could be a good fit for the scheme and develop nicely in Lincoln.

"I definitely think that I fit into their scheme. I haven't had a chance to really sit down with Coach Corey Raymond, that will happen tomorrow, but I look forward to talking to him about that.

"In watching the game I see how they are coaching their guys with their cornerbacks and their safeties. They have talented players and what their defense is doing is great. I know that I could come here, work hard and do great things here."

The team went into halftime down to Fresno State and came back to win it tonight. It was a great effort on the field, but Diggs said he felt like it was a group effort from the team to the people in the stands.

"It was a great effort from them, but I don't think that it was just them. It was the fans too. This place gets rocking. From when they came back out after halftime the fans never sat down."

Diggs said that the fans recognized him walking around and were comfortable enough to come up and talk to him. He said that he was also asked for a few autographs too by fans.

"That is the crazy part. It was my first time in Lincoln and people knew my name, asked me questions about my visit and just made me feel welcome. I felt welcome so far away from home. I signed a few autographs too."

The visit didn't receive a perfect score yet by Diggs because he said that he would like to soak up more about the school and the town tomorrow. The visit rating could go up though.

"I would say it was a "9" just on the basis that it was my first visit and I want to see some other things tomorrow. It's still a very strong and high "9" right now."

Diggs and Rose will return over to the facilities tomorrow morning and then will head back to Missouri after that. "I think that we are coming over to the facilities tomorrow morning really quick to talk with the coaches and then we are taking off to head back to Kansas City."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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