2013 LB checks out Nebraska

There were a number of 2012 recruits in the stands for Nebraska's second home game of the season. However, there were also a handful of 2013 recruits there as well including Lincoln (Nebr.) Southwest standout, Josh Banderas. Banderas is being looked at to play the linebacker position at the next level. How serious is his interest in Nebraska?

Josh Banderas will be one of the more highly sought after recruits in the state of Nebraska next year along with Dillon Gartner from Gothenburg (Nebr.). Banderas checked out the Huskers this past weekend against Fresno State and as a linebacker he liked the scheme he saw.

"It was real good," Banderas said. "I like their scheme. I like with their linebackers, like Lavonte David, that they kind of give him free reign and let him just go out and make plays."

The son of former Husker Tom Banderas, Josh has seen his share of Nebraska games. He also has some basis for comparison when it comes to Nebraska's game day environment. Banderas says that Lincoln is tough to beat.

"I am originally from Lincoln and I haven't to too many other games except for maybe a Chiefs game to compare it to, but there really isn't anywhere else you can go to get that kind of atmosphere.

"I mean, I have been there a lot of times and every time that I go there for a game I will get chills up my spine when the tunnel walk comes on. It's just crazy every time."

Banderas said that he wasn't able to get into the locker room to hear the coaches address the team. However, he saw the facilities and spoke to the coaches before the game.

"I didn't really get into the locker room before or afterward, but I got a tour of the facilities, the training table, we got to eat there and I spoke to Coach Ross Els and Coach Bo Pelini. It was really nice. All of the facilities are brand new."

There are a number of home games left on the schedule and Banderas says that he is going to try to get to the rest of them. He is also looking to hit a couple of other schools too this fall.

"I am going to try and make it to every home game I can. I know that I can't go to the game this weekend against Washington. I might try and swing down to Oklahoma State and Kansas for a game too if I can."

Right now the most recruiting attention is coming from Nebraska mostly because Banderas is only three games into his junior year and he wasn't able to play a complete season last year.

"I am getting the most attention from Nebraska and not really from anywhere else. We are getting my first game's highlights out to schools and working on the highlights of the other games and getting them out.

"Really I think last year since I was hindered because I wasn't able to play the entire season. This is really my first three games that anyone has been able to see me."

Banderas said that he is lining up at a couple of different spots for Southwest on the football field and is also getting a chance to play offense. Nebraska is looking at Banderas as a possible running back recruit.

"I am playing strong side and middle linebacker. I rotate on offense and play some wing back every three plays. Nebraska is looking at me as a linebacker."

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