Does OSU weekend have too many visitors?

The week Ohio State comes to Lincoln, the Nebraska Cornhuskers will host nearly double digit official visitors. But when is too many too much?

The last two weeks, it's been one official a piece. This week, the Huskers have three known official visitors coming to town (Alonzo Moore, Taiwan Johnson, and Tommy Armstrong).

Expect the number to be even three to four times higher for the Ohio State game in a few weeks.

It's easy to understand why, prospects want to visit colleges atmospheres at their highest point of interest. But if Nebraska recruiting coordinator John Papuchis had his way, the weekend might not be as big as planned right now.

"I think at the end of the day, we like to give kids the options of when they would like to come," said Papuchis. "I think a lot of those kids look at the Ohio State game as a marquee game on our schedule. It's more them. I would actually prefer it wasn't that way. I get concerned when a weekend gets too big"

So what is too big? It's a good question. There is no way the coaching staff can give as much attention to 12 guys, compared to just a couple.

But at the same time, how nice is it for double digit highly sought after recruits to be hanging out with each other - experiencing Memorial Stadium during one of it's most electric atmospheres.

"Part of it is making them happy and letting them come when they want to come," said Papuchis. "If they are a good player, we are not going to tell them no."

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