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At the distant view of in-state talent 6 months ago it appeared there might only be three or four players in the state of Nebraska that might pull a DI offer. One by one though players just keep emerging like Brian Bayer from Howells (Nebr.). Bayer is already holding onto a couple of offers, but is still waiting for that DI offer. Could the Huskers pull the trigger?

Brian Bayer has the size that you look for in a college football player. Bayer comes in at 6-foot-5 and 235-pounds. His Howells (Nebr.) team is wiping out opponents too which is taking Bayer off the field and making him an observer.

"I have only played about three quarters this year," Bayer said. "We beat the defending state champs pretty bad in our first week and against our second opponent I only played a quarter and a half."

With just three quarters of playing time through two games makes it tough to put together good, statistical seasons. Bayer admits it too.

"I only have about eight tackles is all. I know that's not a lot, but I have only played a few quarters this year. I have two catches for 35 yards on offense."

Bayer could be looked at to play on either side of the football. He thinks that his future playing days in college are more on one side of the ball than the other.

"I think that it's definitely on defense as a defensive end. I think that I have a lot of range, speed wise. I do all of special teams and when we are returning I am back returning kicks.

"I have good size. I am about 235-pounds and I have good strength. I have a 350-pound bench press and a 450-pound squat. I also have 4.7 speed. I just have speed and power."

There are already a couple of offers on the table for Bayer and more could come in soon. He has been getting a lot of new attention lately from schools that seem very interested.

"I have offers from South Dakota and South Dakota State. I have also been in touch with North Dakota State and I get a lot of mail from Iowa, Nebraska and recently from Kansas State."

The Huskers are one of the teams that have stepped up their efforts with Bayer. They invited him to the first three home games of the season as an unofficial visitor and he made the first two, but will miss this Saturday.

"I was invited to the first three games for Nebraska and made it in the first two weekends. I am going to Kansas State this weekend. I know I will visit Iowa for the Indiana game. I would love to get back to Lincoln for a couple of other games."

Bayer has come away impressed with Nebraska; particularly the tour of the facilities. Bayer says that getting down on the field before the team comes up is a unique view and it's deafening.

"The tour of the facilities is amazing. No other place in the country has what Nebraska has. It's crazy to see the fans in the stadium from down on the field.

"An hour before the game and the stadium is full. When the players come out of the tunnel you can't hear a thing. Playing in that kind of atmosphere would be incredible."

The interest from Nebraska has been consistent, but hasn't really entered into serious. Bayer says that no talks have taken place about Nebraska's interest to offer him a scholarship or walk-on.

"I get letters and I talk to Barney Cotton, but we have never talked about a scholarship or walking on. More or less it's just they want me to be there to see the games. It hasn't gone any further than that."

Initially Bayer was set on only taking a scholarship to go to school. After attending a couple of home games in Lincoln though there have been some thoughts about walking on. The eyes are still on the prize though and getting a DI offer.

"I used to think that I wanted a scholarship anywhere I am going. I have opened up to what I have seen through the first couple of games in Lincoln. I really liked what I saw.

"I am really open, but I am really looking for scholarship offers first. I am not going to say it's Nebraska or nothing. I know that there are other great schools that like me that I like too."

Bayer matches his excellent play on the field in the classroom pulling in solid grades and already has a qualifying test score. "I have a 3.67 GPA and I took my ACT last year and got a 23. I took it again in September, but I don't have my results back yet."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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