2nd Quarter Analysis: Things looking up

Nebraska's second quarter saw newcomers like Aaron Green and Daimion Stafford stepping up - while a veteran Jared Crick played to his top potential.

2nd quarter

It's something we will look into even harder tomorrow, but freshman Aaron Green has been patient. While fellow teammate Ameer Abdullah has shown what he could do on special teams, Green has spent most of his time on the sidelines – until Saturday that is.

Filling in for Abdullah who was hurt on a great kickoff return early in the quarter, Green came out of the backfield to catch a nice 25 yard touchdown pass on the sidelines. The most impressive thing – he showed great body control to stay in bounds.

Aaron Green's first college touchdown(Getty Images}

Daimion Stafford had nine tackles on the night, but a lot of his work came in the second quarter. One play in particular shows me why he makes a great addition to this Bo Pelini defense. Stafford has a knack for reading offenses – he just always seems to be in position. Midway through the second, Washington tried an end around run. While much of the team overpursued the quarterback handing off to a receiver, Stafford stayed home and made a great tackle. Jesse Callier gets past Stafford and it could have put Washington in field goal position – tied up at 17 all.

It took nine quarters, but Jared Crick got his first sack of the season and boy was it a big one. What I loved about it, Crick never gave up. He got pushed outside the pocket and end up behind Price when the quarterback stepped up, but Crick stayed with the play. Washington quarterback Keith Price came to the sidelines all smiles, but I still think he might be shaken up from that one. It definitely electrified the crowd. Crick now just needs 9.5 more on the season to get the all-time record. It would be really nice to see him pick up a couple next week.

Did you see Kyler Reed's only catch of the game. Did he really look like a tight end up going after that ball? Full extension in the air and over the middle. If the Washington safety would have had the slightest clue what was going on – Reed would have been hit really hard. A wide open route, Reed had to adjust to not the greatest pass from Taylor Martinez.

Which brings me to my last point of the second quarter. Martinez didn't have the greatest second quarter. He went 6-for-11, which is actually above what he has been doing throwing the ball, but he didn't have the greatest reads. Including a wide open Quincy Enunwa that drew the attention from ABC on a replay. Instead of going to Enunwa, he tried to force a ball deep down field to Kenny Bell. Bell was double covered and the ball was almost intercepted.

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