Watkins and Bullard are set to see Nebraska

The number of confirmed visitors for Ohio State weekend in Lincoln is at 10 currently and could continue to rise. This is easily one of the most talented weekends that can be remembered in recruiting circles when it comes to Nebraska. Carlos Watkins says that he is hopeful that he will have a good visit up in Lincoln and that he's looking forward to the trip.

Four-star Carlos Watkins, from Forest City (N.C.) Chase High School is the 11th rated defensive tackle in the nation according to Scout.com. Watkins confirmed that both he and Jonathan Bullard from Shelby (N.C.) Chase will be visiting Nebraska next weekend.

"Yeah, I will be there," Watkins said. "I will be up there for the Ohio State weekend with Jonathan Bullard. We decided that Nebraska would be one of the trips we would take together. I spoke to Coach J.P. on Monday."

Watkins said that he is looking forward to the weekend and he's hoping to have a good time. He wants to experience Lincoln on game and get to know the players and the coaches a little better at Nebraska.

"Hopefully we have a great time and get a chance to experience a great football atmosphere. I want to get a chance to know the football coaches better as well as the players. I want to see if I like it. That will help get me to where I need to be."

One question that ultimately needs to be asked is how much distance will affect a decision. Watkins says that it would be an added benefit to stay close to home, but he's going to ultimately choose the best place for him regardless of how far it is from home.

"It's just an added something to stay close to home. Like I tell everyone else, I am going to do what's best for me to help me get to the next level. If it takes me going ten hours to get to school or an hour away I will do it."

The recruiting coordinator at Nebraska, John Papuchis, has had his name linked to a lot of the top talent that the Huskers are recruiting. Watkins said that on the visit he and Coach J.P. will sit down to talk about how Nebraska sees him fitting in.

"I talk to Coach John Papuchis from Nebraska when I talk to them. He said that when I got there he would sit down and tell me about how they see me fitting in.

"Our conversations so far have been about how he thinks I could help them out potentially. He said that I could get on the field early if I happen to go there."

Watkins says that he plays more outside on the defensive line at defensive end than inside. However, college coaches are touting him to play inside, but realize that there is a value to bringing in a player that has played at another position on the defensive line before.

"I am playing more outside in high school. Schools are recruiting me to play inside in college, but because I do play outside in high school it adds some value to what I can do for them in a defense."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in Scout.com's SuperPrep Magazine.
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