Pelini apologizes to Nebraska fans

On Saturday night Wisconsin showed they are a national title contender. Nebraska showed they are a work in progress.

Madison, WI - Wisconsin wide receiver Nick Toon said after Saturday night's 48-17 victory over Nebraska, "when we go out and play clean, play our game, it would be hard for anyone in the country to beat us."

Toon is right, the Badgers flexed their muscles. They deserve to be called a national title contender, but let's get something straight – Nebraska didn't give them their best shot.

This team has a lot of problems, ones that can and can't be fixed. But they aren't as bad as the score indicated tonight.

Wisconsin took every little problem that the Huskers had shown in their previous four contests and exploited it.

"I apologize to the fans of Nebraska, because that was a joke. Plain and simple," said Bo Pelini after the game.

The "joke" of a performance was one of the worst losses in the Pelini era, dating back to his first year on the job when the Huskers gave up 62 to Oklahoma.

"It's sad to say, but it reminds me of year one," said Nebraska defensive coordinator Carl Pelini. "We have a lot of problems to correct, that's for sure."

Players said after the game that it was a "wake up call." They said their season was not lost. That a Big Ten title was still a possibility.

If Nebraska plays like they did on Saturday night in the future; finishing .500 in the league will be tough. This team has a long way to go and must do it in a hurry. Another national stage game will be taking place next Saturday night, when the Huskers host Ohio State on ABC.

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