The big recruiting weekend

Nebraska recruiting coordinator John Papuchis knew this weekend would be big when the Big Ten released the Huskers' home schedule.

Madison, WI - One prime time game down, another one to go.

It can be argued that Nebraska is in the middle of it's two most important recruiting weekends for the 2012 class, With a top ten match-up last night against Wisconsin and an ABC game at 7 P.M. next Saturday night against Ohio State, the coaching staff knew recruits from all over the nation would be paying close attention.

Nebraska defensive line coach and recruiting coordinator John Papuchis said it best last week – even more important than the exposure was Nebraska need to play well.

It didn't happen last night with a 31 point loss to Wisconsin, but the Huskers have a chance to rebound at home – where even more recruits will be watching.

Nebraska is expected to host a double-digit list of official visitors.

"When we saw the schedule come out and saw Ohio State was our first Big Ten home game, we kind of assumed it would be one of those marquee games that would draw recruits attention," said Papuchis. "With it being a night game, a lot of recruits have an easier time getting in Saturday morning after playing the night before – especially when they are traveling from a distance."

Some have argued that too many guys are visiting, that Nebraska is putting all their eggs in one basket. But Papuchis says they aren't at their cut off point yet.

"When ever the game is at night, we have more 1-on-1 time with the recruits. With us having the bye week the following week that adds to it, because we don't have an opponent to get ready for on Sunday," said Papuchis. "We have a cutoff point, but it really depends on who the guy is. If a guy is somebody who we feel like could be a really big part of the recruiting class and it's the only weekend, we will make the accommodations so they can come in."

Nebraska's final official visitor list will not be finalized until possibly Thursday night to Friday morning.

"If a kid who we really could use decides then he can come in, he's more than welcomed," said Papuchis.

Stay with Big Red Report as we will track down every recruit in one of the biggest Nebraska recruiting weekends in history.

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