Martinez looking to take game to new level

Jemarcus "Yoshi" Hardrick exchanges text messages with Taylor Martinez every night. On Monday, he got a few interesting ones from the quarterback.

Lincoln, NE - Taylor Martinez is tired of being the same old quarterback. He's trying to change. Just don't ask him about it.

It's no secret, Martinez isn't the most comfortable player around the media. His teammate Jemarcus "Yoshi" Hardrick on the other hand isn't bothered.

The two text each other nearly every night and on Monday, the quarterback shared something with his offensive lineman.

"He's trying to take it to a new level. He's tired of being the same quarterback, dealing with the same criticisms," said Yoshi. "These next seven games, he just wants the world to get off his back, so he's going to do something about it.

"I know people have talked badly to his girlfriend, saying things to her. That really got to him...I know in our class, some girl told him, 'Stop throwing interceptions,'"

Hardrick shared that Martinez has been holding a lot in and finally this week couldn't take it anymore – also stating that he is a leader for the Huskers and the team will have his back.

"We just have to get him back up to par," said Hardrick. "We can't let him think he's on an island by himself. We are taking this loss as a team and when we win as a team. We need everybody and he's going to be the biggest person we need to win."

Hardrick admits that players read things from the media, look at message boards, and Google guys names on the team, but says Martinez doesn't bother to do any of that.

"He knows everything about him is going to be bad," said Hardrick. "I think someone Googled his name one time and it was all bad things. I don't think anyone writes anything good about him. I think he deserves something...He's the leader of this team, I think they need to build his confidence up, not bring him down."

Martinez is throwing just over 50 percent on the year through five games. Through the air, he's collected 823 yards with four touchdowns and five interceptions.

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