Coach Speak: More about the J.C. CB offer

Nebraska and Eastern Arizona have a history. There have been fine players like Zack Bowman and Larry Asante to come from Eastern Arizona that have gone onto Nebraska to eventually reach the NFL. While both Bowman and Asante were recruiting by another coaching staff at Nebraska there is a new connection brewing between Eastern Arizona and the staff under Bo Pelini.

The need for help in the defensive secondary is obvious for Nebraska. The Huskers have recently started looking at the junior college ranks and two weeks ago extended an offer to Eastern Arizona College cornerback Mohammed Seisay.

"I ran into Mohammed one day in the hall," Head Coach John O'Meara said. "He told me that Nebraska had been contacting him and that he got the offer from Nebraska about two weeks ago."

Coach John O'Meara and Nebraska go back. O'Meara has sent two of his former players from Eastern Arizona to Nebraska; coincidentally they were both cornerbacks as well. They were Armando Murillo and Zack Bowman before him.

"Both of the cornerbacks that I have right now are better than what Bowman was at this stage of his career. They were all big and physical. I think that Seisay is just more polished right now, but the upside was there with both Bowman and Travell Dixon to be better."

The fact of the matter is you can't go wrong with either of the cornerbacks that Coach O'Meara has right now. If you wanted to get the fastest one though there is a slight edge to Seisay. "I know that he (Mohammed) runs a little faster than Travell. Mohammed comes in at 4.3 and Dixon is a 4.4 guy."

The road that Seisay has taken to get to Eastern Arizona is a unique one. It's also a fortunate one for O'Meara.

"Seisay is a DI transfer from Memphis. He played as a redshirt freshman and was a first team all-conference selection. He was a late qualifier out of high school and ended up at Fork Union. Memphis stayed in touch though and he signed with them.

"Sometimes with kids that come out of high school, go DI and end up in junior college there is a bad story with it. Not with Mohammed. There was no trouble, no drinking, no smoking, no nothing. He just knew that he could play at a higher level.

"I coached his cousin and when he was talking with Mohammed he put in a good word with us because he could go to junior college and then transfer back to DI. We got his film and he looked great. We already had probably the number one cornerback in the nation and Seisay might be better."

And therein lies the question; which one is better? Coach O'Meara says that they are both excellent and two of the best players he's coached. Passing along a couple of coaches' opinions though he's heard Seisay is getting the nod.

"As the coaches have been coming by and watching the two of them play we are hearing that Seisay might be playing a little better than Dixon right now. When you are playing at that high of a level though it's like splitting hairs."

The offer list for Seisay has grown steadily and since Mohammed has picked up the Nebraska offer he has secured an official visit with Coach Corey Raymond from Nebraska for November 5th.

"I know that Indiana, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, of course Nebraska, Oregon State, Cal and Western Kentucky have all offered. Anyone who has come through here to get a look at him has left interested in him."

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