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Michael Rose has already seen his fair share of home games in Lincoln, but he says that the Big Ten home opener against Ohio State has been the best yet. Rose, a heralded linebacker recruit from Kansas City (Mo.) Rockhurst, actually recently picked up an offer from the Buckeyes, but he says that he made a great decision choosing Nebraska.

Michael Rose might be the most valuable recruit in the 2012 recruiting class for Nebraska. The linebacker from Kansas City (Mo.) Rockhurst has become and extension of the coaching staff reaching out to commitments and recruits. Rose had a busy weekend and was just returning some phone calls tonight.

"I have been home for a couple of hours," Rose said. "I took a nap and am just returning some phone calls that I missed earlier."

Rose's weekend in Lincoln started out bright and early. He was with the team all day and that meant a high caloric intake for him and the other recruits on their official visits.

"I got there Saturday morning around 8:00. I went to the team meetings and also took a tour of the academic facilities and the life skills center.

"I think that I ate about every one and a half hours. I would eat at the hotel and eat with all of the players. They feed you pretty well on your official visit."

Rose really got a chance to be around the players and the coaches a lot on Saturday and saw how things go on game day in Lincoln. He was able to take part in the meetings and got some questions answered about the game plan.

"It was great being around the team and the players. See how they get ready for the game. It was really cool to see what they were doing.

"It felt like my first year of Spanish class. Bo would come in there and talk to me about what they were doing, talk me through it and really talked to me a lot.

"I got a good chance while I was there listening to coach to try and learn some things. I would ask Lavonte David and Coach Ross Els questions about what they were doing."

The game on Saturday night was a tale of two halves. Nebraska came back from a 21 point deficit and won against Ohio State. Rose said that it was as loud as he could remember in the second half.

"It was a great atmosphere. I thought it would be a great game anyway at night and the first Big Ten home game in Lincoln. The fans were very excited.

"It was tense the first half, but then it got so loud later in the game that you couldn't talk to people around you. It was very exciting to be part of that."

One of the reasons the crowd was so loud on Saturday was the play of the defense in the second half and in particular Lavonte David. Rose has heard some comparisons between he and David and he hopes to measure up to them in some capacity.

"I have heard the comparisons to Lavonte without playing a snap of college football and I don't think that I deserve it beyond height and weight.

"The play that he made on Braxton Miller stripping the ball; that is only something that a big-time playmaker is going to do. I spoke with Coach Els about that and he said they practice that.

"Lavonte is just a great player. If I can be just half the player that he is once I get there that would mean that I had a pretty good career at Nebraska."

Rose has seen a lot of games already in Lincoln, but this weekend was the best according to him. It wasn't just the game, but also the recruits that were also in town along with Rose that made the weekend great.

"This was number one. It was great to be around T.J. Neal, Jordan Westerkamp, Jordan Diggs, Greg McMullen, Paul Thurston, D.J. Foster, Brandon Beavers and Devin Fuller.

"It was great to be around those guys and it felt so much like a family to me. When I leave Lincoln it feels like I am leaving my family behind. I made a great decision."

Rose said that although the recruits had only been together for just all day on Saturday that it was like a family when they were all together. Rose is hopeful that Nebraska will get some good news out of the group of visitors soon.

"We did everything together. They all enjoyed it. They were yelling and shouting during the game; throwing up the bones on third down. I was teaching them the fight song.

"Getting to go out with them on Saturday night was great. We all went out together. We all enjoyed ourselves. I just hope over the next few weeks, if everything pans out, hopefully we get some get good news in Lincoln and they join the Husker family."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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