"It was classic!"

Out of a total of nine official visitors this past weekend three were already verbal commitments to Nebraska for the class of 2012. Greg McMullen might have been the most interesting visitor though. McMullen, an Ohio product, was holding an offer from Ohio State at the time he chose Nebraska. The Akron native says he's completely ready to be a Husker.

Greg McMullen has a complaint. The weekend as a whole in Lincoln for his official visit to Nebraska was perfect. It was the flight into Lincoln that he wishes he could forget. McMullen found himself on a puddle jumper sitting to the second largest person on the flight next to him.

"My weekend was great," McMullen said. "I loved it. Everything other than the flight on the smaller, regional plane from St. Paul into Lincoln was great. The flight was fine, but the two biggest people sat next to one another on the flight. It was alright though; just a 56 minute flight."

Seriously though, looking past the flight McMullen doesn't have a bad thing to say about the trip. In fact, a lot of it was old hat except for the game. McMullen says he won't forget that one.

"It was great. I loved talked to the coaches all weekend. During my trip there everyone was asking me what I thought about stuff. I knew everything there already like the back of my hand.

"I felt like one of the players already and basically I was on this visit. The game was great. The second half, coming back to win that game and the play of the defense, it was classic!"

The game on Saturday night was loud in the second half. McMullen gave the other recruits a little heads up about the fans and their dedication to their team.

"I have been there a number of times before and I told the other recruits that were there that Nebraska fans get hectic. I knew that those fans weren't going to give up on their players."

The defense has been tested each of the games so far and on Saturday night had to step up and make some plays. McMullen was able to talk to the coaches about where they see him playing on the line and he's fired up about the plan.

"It was great. They have me pegged to play the two technique and the four technique. The guys that are playing there right now are smaller than I am. They want to move me around and I love that. I am just ready to see myself in that uniform and throwing up the bones."

Michael Rose says that every time he leaves Nebraska it's like he's leaving his family. McMullen says that he feels the same. He's developed a very strong relationship with the Nebraska coaches and the players. He remembers though that his time in Lincoln is coming.

"Yeah for sure. I think that I have a strong relationship with Coach Bo Pelini, Carl Pelini and John Papuchis. I also feel that way about the players there. It's sad to leave, but I know when I get up there for good it will be for four to five years.

"It feels like home there. I learn something new each time I get up there. I feel closer and closer to one of my goals which is graduate and go to college at Nebraska. It's a great feeling."

McMullen has been testing the waters about graduating early. So far though the news hasn't been what he's wanted to hear. "I am still testing it out with my counselor and my administration, but they are pretty strict. I am not sure if I will be able to."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in Scout.com's SuperPrep Magazine.
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