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The Nebraska visit was the first official visit that Devin Fuller was going to take because the other schools that he had been considering up to that point he was able to visit unofficially. The Huskers made quite an impression on the quarterback from New Jersey. What did Fuller think about his time in Lincoln?

Devin Fuller from Old Tappan (N.J.) was able to get out to Nebraska a little early last week and do some things with the team on Friday. He said that immediately when he got to town he was able to start talking with some people involved with the program.

"I got out there on Friday," Fuller said. "I met with the coaches and all of the academic people. I sat in on some meetings with the players, went to the team meeting and then headed back to the hotel."

On Saturday morning there were more meetings followed by some one on one time with the offensive coordinator and the head coach. Fuller and his father were also able to get out in the town and do some things on some free time they got a little later that day.

"I went to a church sermon at the beginning of the day and then went into meetings with a breakfast. I caught up with Coach Tim Beck to go over some offensive things and then also caught up with Coach Bo Pelini for a while.

"I went back over to the hotel after that and ate again. We had some down time. I was there with my dad so we went out shopping a little bit and back to the hotel before heading over to the stadium for the game."

Fuller really came away impressed with the tunnel walk. He said what was most impressive to him was the fact that people already knew who he was.

"It was unbelievable. I had never experienced anything like that before. All of the fans knew who I was already, giving me high five and asking for autographs. It was crazy.

"I have had people from my hometown ask me for an autograph, but I was miles away in another place and I didn't think anyone would know me. They knew my face and my name. That was pretty cool."

The Huskers had to come back from being down 21 points to beat Ohio State on Saturday night. Fuller could see that the team came out re-energized and refocused in the second half.

"The game was crazy. A lot of people said that the team wasn't playing up to their potential in the first half and you could see some of the mistakes that were being made on the field. That isn't the team they normally are and they showed who they were in the second half."

Up until this weekend Fuller had heard that Nebraska was looking at him as an athlete. He's being looked at by some to play quarterback, wide receiver, cornerback and safety. It's clear now which position Nebraska is recruiting him to play.

"Nebraska is recruiting me as a quarterback. I like the offense that Nebraska is running and I feel like I can run it pretty good. I feel like the offense is a prefect fit for me and what I can do on the field."

Nebraska needs some help in the secondary potentially and adding a weapon like Fuller to players like Quincy Enunwa, Jamal Turner and Kenny Bell looks very attractive. However, he feels like the best position for himself in Lincoln is at quarterback.

"I would want to play quarterback in Lincoln. None of the other positions that I could play interest me as much as quarterback. I was told that if I wanted to move positions that I could. I am probably a better quarterback than anything else."

The visit to Nebraska got a high mark, but not a perfect mark. Fuller explains that as official visits go it's tough to give it a "10" comparing it to no other visits. He said that the visit was awesome and he really enjoyed it.

"I would say that it was a "9". It was my first official visit so after I take my other visits that score might improve after I see the other places. It's hard to say it's perfect. It was an awesome visit. I loved it. It's one to remember."

There was some talk with Michael Rose about Devin Fuller getting back for another game in Lincoln. One of the games they were looking at was another big match up against Michigan State. Fuller said he isn't sure if that will happen.

"We talked about it. I would like to get back to Nebraska for another game to hang out with those guys, but I don't know if it's possible. It's a pretty expensive trip from here."

The Nebraska official visit is the only one that Fuller has planned and will take for the foreseeable future. He needs to rededicate himself to football and finish up his senior season on a strong note.

"I just need to finish up the season right now. I haven' t planned any other official visits beyond the visit to Nebraska. I really couldn't say which other schools I would like to officially visit.

"There are some schools that I would like to visit again, but I have seen them already. Nebraska was a school that I hadn't seen yet so that's why I went there first."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in Scout.com's SuperPrep Magazine.
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