Seisay set to see Nebraska

Thatcher (Ariz.) Eastern Arizona College head coach John O'Meara already had a leg up on defense coming into the 2012 season with a guy like Travell Dixon in the defensive secondary. When coach got the call about a transfer that looked identical physically to Dixon came up he was a doubter. Now that Mohammed Seisay is there at EAC everyone is a believer.

The defensive secondary for Nebraska might have found a diamond in the rough on Saturday night in Stanley Jean-Baptiste. However, there will be a new hole to fill when Alfonzo Dennard leaves Nebraska. It's no surprise that junior college cornerback Mohammed Seisay recently picked up an offer.

"Coach Bo Pelini and Corey Raymond were here on Monday," Seisay said. "I didn't expect to see Coach Pelini. I thought I was only going to see Coach Raymond.

"When I got to the office though I saw Coach Bo was here. He has a strong presence. I was excited to meet Coach Raymond, but I was really excited to meet the head guy."

Seisay was told by the coaching staff at Nebraska that there is a chance to come in and compete for time right away in Lincoln. The Nebraska coaches also said that they liked the fact that Seisay already had DI experience.

"Basically he's said that they are going to need a guy to come in next year and step up. They are looking for a leader and they like my experience playing DI ball as a freshman at Memphis."

Thatcher (Ariz.) Eastern Arizona College doesn't have an open date until the first weekend in November, but it works out well for Nebraska. The Huskers host Northwestern that weekend. Seisay is excited to see Nebraska.

"I have a visit set to see Nebraska on November 5th. I just want to pick a school where I will be comfortable and it will feel like home. I want to see the campus and the facilities.

"I am excited to see the facilities at Nebraska because they said that Ndamukong Suh donated some money to the program and they just expanded their facilities."

There is little chance that Seisay will pull the trigger on the official visit to Nebraska in November. He would like to take four official visits, but he knows that he will be pressed for time.

"I am going to try and squeeze four visits in. It's going to be tough though because we don't have a bye until the weekend that I visit Nebraska. We have a shot at going to a major bowl game possible national championship and I graduate in December."

Nebraska has had some prior experiences with junior college players where the player couldn't get there until the summer after planning on getting there in December. Seisay says that everything looks good for him to transfer in December.

"I will be out of here in December for sure. My grades are in order and I will be two for two. Nebraska likes the fact that I can get there in the spring, compete and learn the system."

Seisay says that the "other cornerback" at EAC is now holding a Nebraska offer too after the coaches came to visit this week. Seisay said that the two have spoken about going to the same school. Sounds like Nebraska says that all of the spots in the secondary will be open for competition.

"I know that Travell Dixon picked up a Nebraska offer this week too. We talk about playing DI ball every day. I let him know about every offer that I get. We talk about it all the time."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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