Dennard Ready For Big Test

Nebraska senior cornerback Alfonzo Denanrd had nothing but positive things to say about Michigan State's B.J. Cunningham and Kirk Cousins - calling them both one of the best at their position in the conference.

Lincoln, NE - Nebraska cornerback Alfonzo Dennard has deemed himself fully healthy and back to his normal self. The senior wore a brace given to him by doctors after the injury, but shed it during the Ohio State game.

Now Dennard could be facing one of his toughest challenges on the year. Michigan State wide receiver B.J. Cunningham has 48 catches for 723 yards in seven games. While Dennard won't be locked on him exclusively, the two should match-up quite a few times on Saturday.

"He's one of the best receivers in the Big Ten, besides for Nick Toon," said Dennard. "They both play a like. They are physical and run good routes...He's everywhere, in the slot, he can be lined up anywhere in their offense. You really have to be focused.

"I play to the field, so if he comes to the field I will be all over him."

Delivery Cunningham's passes will be senior Kirk Cousins, who Dennard feels is a better passing quarterback than Wisconsin's Russell Wilson.

"Off the film, I think it's Kirk Cousins," said Dennard. "He's a very good quarterback. He makes good decisions."

Cousins has over 1600 yards passing with 11 touchdowns this season. His quarterback rating is just under 150, but Nebraska has noticed something on film. He's not exactly as mobile as quarterbacks the Husksers have already faced this season. Because of this, Nebraska fans can expect a larger dose of blitzes and pressure from the front seven.

"We talked about it in meetings. He doesn't run the ball very much, so we are going to try to put pressure on him and make him get rid of the ball," said Dennard. "We have a hard time with scrambling quarterbacks, because they can hurt you both ways. Kirk Cousins is a very accurate quarterback, the most accurate quarterback we will face this season. It will be a good game because of Kirk Cousins."

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