Ready to be a Husker, Corey Mckeon

I had a chance to speak with future linebacker <B>Corey Mckeon</B> this evening. I had a chance to ask him what he's been doing since Feb 5th and what his future plans are over the next couple of months.

Corey Mckeon –Naperville, IL (Naperville North) LB-6'2"-210-4.5/40-Since Feb 5th and the end of basketball season, Corey's athletic regiment can be summed up in one word, training. "I train everyday, I don't take a day off. Since basketball season got over, I've been trying to get back into football shape." So what's the difference you ask? "Well, I lose some mass while playing basketball, but I gain a lot of speed. While playing basketball I probably can run a high 4.3/40. But, I definitely lose strength." And the conditioning is going very well as Corey is now up to 217 lbs.

As for his contact with the coaches in Lincoln, Coach Jamrog is the person who keeps in contact with him. "He calls once a week, let's me know how things are going. They let me know what was going on with Spring Ball and everything. They also tell me how to train and what to work at while training. It's hard to explain, but basically I'm already practicing while not being there."

Corey also got a little insight on what to expect this upcoming season when he made a trip to Lincoln for the spring game "I got to speak with Coach Pelini and (Coach) Williams. They told me what to expect. I'm not sure if I'm going to red shirt or not. With everyone learning a new system I kind of have an advantage with learning over someone else. If they want me to red shirt that's fine though. But, if I can contribute early that would be great."

Corey will be on campus for two weeks in July, then return home for a week before coming back to Lincoln in August for the beginning of practices.

I had to ask Corey's impression of the Defense during the Spring game, just to see what he thinks of the new D "I like it a lot. Those guys can really fly to the ball. There was a lot of gang tackling going on. It's an aggressive defense that will catch some people off guard. It can crush and offense."

Corey is a great kid and definitely has that linebacker attitude with intelligence to match. His academic future at UNL with most likely follow the path of Pre-Law or Business Marketing.

Corey is slated to play "weak side" linebacker.

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