Hoops Media Days: Frazier Next Great Guard

For the past couple of years, Happy Valley was blessed to have one of the top guards in the nation. But now that Talor Battle has graduated, there will be a big void left to fill.

First-year head coach Pat Chambers, who was an assistant coach with Villanova from 2004-09, believes that the player to watch for Penn State this year is guard Tim Frazier.

"I would say Tim Frazier, his level of play. Now, I've coached a lot of great guards: Kyle Lowry, Corey Fisher, Scottie Reynolds, Randy Foye," said Chambers when asked about the player that has surprised him thus far. "And I'll put Tim Frazier right up there with those guys. His speed, his intensity, his willingness to be coached is really second to none."

Frazier has never averaged more than six points per game or more than five assists per game, so the fact that Chambers is so high on him is quite interesting. But then again, with Battle out of the picture, someone will have to help alleviate his loss. That person could very well be Frazier.

"We need a guy that's going to fill that void. You need leadership with a young team. We lost fourseniors. And Tim has taken a torch and he's happy to carry it," said Chambers. "And that's the way he's coming to practice every single day. And we keep stats in practice."

For those around the country that were unable to hear Chambers speak at today's Big Ten Men's Basketball Media Day, there was a clear rasp in his voice. He cited the cause of his scratchy voice to be a result of his constant effort to push his team's leader.

"I have been tough. If you can't tell by my voice, if you don't know me, my voice is a little scratchy right now. I've been very tough on him. And I think if you're tough on your leader and your captain and your best player, I think the rest of the guys are going to follow," said Chambers. "And they're also going to recognize, hey, he's just as tough on him as he is on me."

- Josh Harvey -

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