VB Q&A: Meet the Newest Husker

Checking into the Big Red Report today is new Husker volleyball recruit Alexa Strange. Alexa plays high school volleyball at San Clemente High School in California. She is also ranked as the 46th best woman's volleyball player in the country. We had the opportunity to talk to her about her recruitment and her soon to be life as a Husker volleyball player.

What was the defining moment where you knew you wanted to come to Nebraska?
"One morning i just woke up, and had this strange feeling (no pun intended) and I knew that my heart was at Nebraska. It's one of those feelings you can't really explain, its sort of like a yearning, but when I got it, I knew I couldn't go anywhere else."

What makes Nebraska better then all the other schools that recruited you?
"For one, the college atmosphere and the amazing fan base. I have never experience anything like it. Volleyball games selling out like that in California are unheard of. And I mean it doesn't hurt that Nebraska is considered the best team in the nation right now either."

You're from California, was there any pressure from friends, family or coaches to Cal, USC or UCLA?
"Yes, there is always that pressure to stay in California because i have lived there all my life, and the teams here are generally good. But one of the things that actually drew me to Nebraska was my desire to get out of California. My family was very supportive in my decision to go to Nebraska as well, I think they wanted me to experience something different. There's always those friends from the California bubble that are like "are you seriously going to go to Nebraska, isn't it all cornfields and stuff," but I don't really let comments like that faze me. I've personally experienced UNL, and its a special place, and its an environment you have to experience to understand; and those friends would actually find out, UNL is nothing like they imagined it would be."

Why did you change your commitment from Colorado to Nebraska?
"That's a pretty tough question to answer, because I don't want to condemn Colorado in any way. Basically, I committed at a very young age, and as I got older and more mature, my feelings changed and I realize Colorado wasn't going to fulfill my volleyball needs one way or another. It just no longer was the right fit; the yearning I talked about earlier, it just went away."

You are ranked as the 46th best volleyball player in the country, is that ranking deserved?
"I could not say if its deserved or not. I can say however, that this ranking makes me want to work a lot harder this year, to beat out those girls ranked ahead of me."

What are your thoughts on the Huskers beating the No.1 team in the country last week?
"I know they say pride isn't a good thing, but it makes me so proud to say I'm a Husker. They deserve the ranking 100%, in terms of consistency and team compatibility, i don't think any other team can compare."

Have you made it to a game this year? What were your impressions of Nebraska and the game you saw?
"I saw two games, and both of them were against small schools. Nebraska beat both pretty handily, but it was still so exciting to watch because of the crowd. It's amazing how passionate the people of Nebraska are about volleyball, it makes me so excited to be an athlete at Nebraska."

- Josh Harvey -

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