Raymond gives Nebraska a "10"

Seeing Derrick Raymond on the sideline in Lincoln was a shock. The Nebraska staff has been determined in their pursuit of some players, despite their commitment to other schools, and Raymond happens to be one of them. Give credit to Coach Corey Raymond and the rest of the Nebraska staff for getting Raymond to visit and their efforts with him on the weekend.

Derrick Raymond was a surprise this weekend to see on the sidelines of the Nebraska/Michigan State football game in Lincoln. The 6-foot-0 and 190-pound cornerback from Metairie (La.) East Jefferson got into Nebraska on Friday and is waiting for a connecting flight back to Louisiana.

"We had a Thursday night game," Raymond said. "I am sitting in Denver right now before getting home. The trip to Lincoln was good. It was a fun experience.

"On Friday when I got there we ate together, hung out and went to some team meetings on Friday night. I got to see how the defensive backs prepare for the game. There wasn't a team movie because of the early game."

Raymond said that he and his host got along really well. The host was able to talk about the differences between Nebraska and other top programs and why he chose to come to Nebraska.

"My host was Ameer Abdullah. He was real cool. He told me Nebraska was a fin place, real different. He was highly recruited and he said that Nebraska was real different than the other schools.

"He said that Nebraska is real serious about your grades, how you are doing in life and things off of the field. He said that they are as serious about you off the field as on the field."

The fact of the matter is Nebraska recruits nationally and there are players from all over the country in Lincoln. Raymond said that he knows people that know a Nebraska player back home. "I know about P.J. Smith and talked to him some. I know some people from home that know him. I felt at home. It was cool."

The pre-game really stood out to Raymond. He got a chance to see how serious the Nebraska fans are about their team and about recruiting. "The tunnel walk was crazy. The fans were crazy. Nebraska football is it. It's what they support. They love it. The fans knew who I was."

The Huskers were able to hold Michigan State to just three points yesterday. One of the big reasons the defense was so successful was the man to man coverage in the secondary. Raymond said that he fits in with that style of play.

"Their defense looked good. Michigan State couldn't complete any passes and couldn't run the ball, really. The defense played really good football yesterday.

"I am a lock down cornerback, man to man, and that's what I do. I love playing man to man and that's all they did on the outside with the two safeties."

Raymond liked the rest of his time in Lincoln. He said that the facilities and the people really stood out, but he also liked that the academic side was emphasized on the trip and with the team.

"They have a lot of athletes and they focus on grades; academics come first. It's a nice campus and there are a lot of things to do around the campus. Everyone was really cool there. It was a good trip."

Raymond has been a LSU commitment since May, but it's the Nebraska staff that got him up to Lincoln to look around. "Me and Coach Raymond have a good relationship, we're cool. I feel like we can talk about anything."

The trip to Nebraska earned a perfect score from Raymond. One thing that he didn't like about the weekend had nothing to do with Nebraska or Lincoln at all. It was Raymond's first chance to fly in an airplane and that took some adjusting.

"I would say that it was a "10". It was a nice trip. I don't know what could have been better, probably the flight. It was my first time flying.

"I thought that my head was going to pop off. I bought some gum. I didn't know about that at first. I bought a lot of gum for the trip back home."

Raymond said that the Nebraska trip was necessary for him to make sure that he's making the right decision with LSU. He says that he's still committed to LSU and is still his number one school

"I am still committed to LSU. They are still my number one school. I just wanted to make sure that I was making the right decision for me."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in Scout.com's SuperPrep Magazine.
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