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It was a great weekend for Nebraska to bring in defensive recruits. The Huskers held the Michigan State Spartans to just three points in their game Saturday moving into a three-way tie with Michigan and Michigan State on top of the Leaders Division. One of the defensive recruits, Quanzell Lambert, was waiting on a connecting flight when he caught up with Big Red Report.

Quanzell Lambert is on his way home and was waiting to take a connecting flight when he caught up with Big Red Report Lambert said that weather didn't affect his travel at all and he arrived at the game with some time left in the first quarter.

"I am in New York," Lambert said. "I am connecting right now. No troubles with weather today or on Saturday getting to Nebraska. I got to Lincoln on Saturday with about three minutes left in the third quarter."

Lambert came away impressed with the effort on the field by the Huskers, particularly on the defensive side of the football. "It was definitely a great game from a defensive players' perspective. Nebraska only allowed three points the whole game so from a defensive perspective that was great."

The defense that Nebraska played against Michigan State was stifling, but more than that it showed to Lambert that Nebraska's coaches believe in their players because of what they are asking them to do.

"When you play a defense like that it really shows that the coaches are confident in their players and their players' abilities. They are going to give everyone their best shot.

"The MIKE is being asked to stop the run, rush the passer, spy the passer and drop back into coverage. It's definitely something that I think I can do and am highly interested in it."

After the game was over with Lambert was able to talk with some of the players and also got to meet some of the coaches. He also saw some of the facilities beyond the stadium and also talked to some of the academic support personnel.

"I was able to hang out with some of the players and talk with some of the coaches. I was also able to see some of the facilities, take to some people about the academics and talk to some of the players."

Nebraska paired up Lambert with a host from a host from a similar background geographically speaking. Lambert said that his host offered up some words of advice in adjusting to college.

"My host was Taariq Allen who is a wide receiver from Boston. He said that you are going to get homesick wherever you go, but going there they help you adjust and it's not as hard to deal with."

There is something to be said about players from the same parts of the country as Lambert coming to Nebraska and having success. Lambert says that it's something to definitely keep in mind when it comes to considering Nebraska.

"Not so much, but there is something to that. It's something to keep in mind that there are a lot of people that have come from far away that have had success there."

On Sunday there was some time for Lambert to meet with the head coach and the athletic director. Both took an honest approach with Lambert and told him what the advantages were of Nebraska and also what they expect of their players.

"I got a chance to talk with Coach Bo Pelini and also with the Athletic Director, Tom Osborne. Coach Pelini was straight forward with me and was honest with me about how I fit in with their program.

"Tom Osborne told me what is expected of players and how the program is run. He said that being a student-athlete is a hard thing to do, but they are going to help me on the field and in the classroom."

The visit got a very high mark from Lambert, but not a perfect score. Lambert said that there was one area of the trip that he wished could have been a little better.

"I would rate it definitely a "9". The best thing was getting a chance to meet with the coaches and the players on the trip. I would have liked a chance to talk to a professor or two from the engineering college, but the counselor explained most of everything to me."

The Huskers are the third of five set official visits for Lambert. His fourth comes next weekend and the fifth is later in December. After his fifth he plans on making his decision.

"I am not going to make a decision until after my season is over with. Next weekend I am going to Oklahoma and I go to Alabama in December. I have already been to Northwestern and Iowa so far."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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