It's a "10" for Johnson

There are definite needs on defense this year in the recruiting class and one of the more important positions might be defensive end. The Huskers were hosting one of their top targets this weekend, Taiwan Johnson, who was just getting to the airport a few minutes ago. What were his thoughts about the trip to Nebraska?

Nebraska had a late official weekend with most of the high school visitors not leaving until 4:00 and later today. Taiwan Johnson from Manvel (Texas) said he got to Nebraska with some time to spare before the game and got to do a lot of things with the team.

"We got up Saturday morning around 10:00," Johnson said. "I was early. I was able to meet with the coaches, see the team warm-up, be on the field and watch the introductions.

"I was able to see the team come out for the tunnel walk. The tunnel walk was cool. Everyone was screaming and I was thinking ‘I'm a recruit, what are you screaming for?'. They knew who we all were. It was cool."

Nebraska ended up losing the game to Northwestern, but Johnson got a good idea how the defense works in Lincoln. He said that he could see himself fitting in with what the Nebraska staff is trying to do.

"I could see myself fitting in their defense. They had their ends, like #46, getting after the quarterback. It was a pretty good game, I wish the outcome would have been a little different, but they just have to work hard and get it right."

The loss was a bit of a bummer in the moment, but Johnson said that he had to put it behind him and remember that he was on a visit. He told himself that not every team can win every game.

"In the feeling of the moment I felt bad for the team. I told myself they lost the game and that I was going to enjoy the visit and the weekend. I know that if I was to go there we wouldn't win every game."

After the game Johnson had a lot of time to hang out with the team. He was also hanging out with three of the other recruits who were being hosted by room mates that lived with his host.

"After the game I ate dinner with the team and that was a cool deal. It was good to be around the team and around the coaches. I saw their facilities and they are legit. I was with Marquis Mosley, Christian Powell and Thomas Brown. My host was Givens Price."

On Sunday Johnson said that he got a chance to talk to the people involved with the strength and conditioning as well as the nutritionist staff. He came away very impressed.

"I had a chance to talk to the people in the strength and conditioning program today and they are impressive. I really loved talking to the strength coach. I liked talking to the nutritionist."

The visit went pretty perfect for Johnson who said that if he had to rate the visit now it would be a "10". However, he needs to go home and really talk about things with his family and let things sink in.

"I don't know. I have to go home and think about it. I am on an emotional high because I would say a "10" right now, but I need to go home and talk to my parents about it.

"The weekend was great. I wish Nebraska would have won the game and I loved the flight. It was a new experience for me and I need to get used to it a little more."

Johnson is eyeing another official visit soon. He isn't sure when that visit will be though. "I am going to visit Oklahoma State. I need to see when their next good home game is."

Johnson had a solid game on Friday night playing very tough against some other highly rated recruits from Texas. Johnson has already earned some awards for his recent performance. "I won player of the week and got us to 10-0."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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