Husker VB downs Hooisers 3-0

The Nebraska Cornhuskers volleyball team started hot and never looked back tonight, with a 3-0 win over the Indiana Hoosiers in Bloomington.

The Huskers won the 1st two sets 25-19 and finished off the third set with a 25-20 win. The main story of the game was centered around setter Lauren Cook. After being suspended for a hit and run accident, Lauren Cook was back with her teammates for the win over Indiana.

Morgan Broekhuis was the star tonight for the Huskers as she had 12 kills, a .407 hitting percentage, one ace and seven digs. Indiana star Marschall had no answer for Broekhuis as she was constantly outmatched and over powered.

Not far behind was star junior Gina Mancuso. Mancuso had 11 kills, a .194 hitting percentage, seven blocks and two blocks.

* Making her first appearance in two weeks, Lauren Cook was on fire. In the first set Lauren recorded one kill, two blocks and assisted 13 of the 25 points by the Huskers. In the second set Cook recorded 11 assists and had 16 assists with one block in the final set of the match. Cook's back up, Brigette Root, played in just one of the sets but did not record any assists, kills or blocks.

* Seemingly not existent from the game, Brooke Delano and Hannah Werth were not heard from in this match. Hannah Werth only recorded eight kills, while Brooke Delano had seven. However, they did have hitting percentages of .400 and .538 respectively.

As a team the Huskers recorded 46 kills, 2 aces, and 6 blocks. Indiana had 42 kills, 3 aces, and 3 blocks.

* The Huskers are now 21-2 (14-1) on the season while the Indiana Hoosiers are 8-19(0-15) on the season.

* The Huskers take on the Purdue Boilermakers 23-3 (11-3) tomorrow night in West Lafayette, Indiana

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