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If there is a name from the state of Nebraska that could be on the up-tick it might be Matt Miller, a tight end from Omaha (Nebr.) Skutt, who already has two offers with more on the way. One school that has gone as far as to tell Miller that he might be in-line for an offer is Nebraska. Miller says that he talks to Nebraska each week…

Matt Miller and Omaha (Nebr.) Skutt's season is over. Miller, a 6-foot-5 and 230-pound tight end/defensive end, said that they lost in the first round. Miller also said he toyed with the idea of a winter sport, but decided against it.

"We're done," Miller said. "We lost in the first round against Elkhorn. We had a lot of turnovers that led to too many easy touchdowns. I was going to wrestle, but my parents and I talked it over and decided against it."

While Skutt's season ended too soon by Miller's standards he did have a fine season personally. Miller was a standout on both sides of the ball for Skutt.

"My season went pretty well. I think that I had seven touchdowns and 400 yards receiving as a tight end. As a defensive end, I am not sure how many tackles I had exactly, but I had eight or nine sacks."

Recruiting is on-going despite the season ending for Miller. He says that he's receiving letters every day from schools, including a letter from Boston College today, and he says that more offers could be on the way including one from Nebraska.

"It's going pretty good. A lot of different schools are sending me things every day. I am hearing from a lot of big time schools, but Nebraska told me that I am in the running for an offer with two other guys.

"Coach Vince Marrow said that Nebraska is recruiting me as a tight end. He said that they are taking another one, but he didn't say who the other players I was up against. Coach Marrow has me call him every Thursday."

Miller is sitting on two offers currently, but it seems that more could be right around the corner. It seems that some schools might be waiting on Miller just to visit before offering.

"I have offers from North Dakota and South Dakota. South Dakota State said they are pretty much going to offer me. Some other schools like North Dakota State, Illinois State, Northwest Missouri State, Ohio and Wyoming all said they are close to offering."

The Nebraska offer would be a big one for Miller, but he says that he isn't necessarily holding out for it. He is determined to evaluate all of his options and make the best possible decision.

"I wouldn't say holding out. I honestly have no clue where I want to go. Nebraska would be a great, great school to go to, but I have to consider all of my options."

Miller says that he is looking for some key things when it comes to picking out a school. He tries to get some ideas about the fan support, the program and the academics while he is on his visits to various schools.

"On my visits I look for big crowds, see if they have the city's support and if they are a winning program. I am also looking for a good academic program and academic facilities."

There are two official visits set up for Miller in the month of December. After that he is looking at setting up a couple of others. He will attend the last home game for Nebraska the day after Thanksgiving, but there hasn't been any talk with Nebraska about that being an official visit.

"I have official visits set up for next month. I have a visit set up to South Dakota on December 1st. On December 9th I am going to take a visit to North Dakota and my host there will be Myles Jabolonski and he used to go to Skutt.

"Other than that I am supposed to set up visits to Wyoming and Illinois State later on. There hasn't been any talk about setting up an official to Nebraska. Coach Marrow personally invited me to the Iowa game, but other than that I haven't talked to them about any other visits."

While Miller said that he isn't playing any sports this winter he hasn't ruled anything out when it comes to the spring. A couple of the school coaches have already been asking him if he would come out this spring for them.

"Funny you should ask, the soccer coach asked me to play goalie, but the track coach wants me to throw discus. I might be running some track this spring. We'll see."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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