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A pair of team mates from Tucson (Ariz.) Corona Del Sol was in Lincoln for the Iowa game this past week. Avery Moss, a standout defensive end, has already been on a trip to see Arizona State so how would the Huskers fare in comparison? Moss admits that the ASU visit was good, but he called the Nebraska visit excellent.

The Iowa game weekend is a little bit of a tough weekend to bring in players simply because it will be the day after Thanksgiving. Avery Moss and Andrus Peat actually got into Nebraska on that night before the game because of the early start time on Friday.

"We got into Lincoln on Thursday night," Moss said. "We ate with the team and sat down with the coaches. We also got to meet some of the other people associated with the program."

The next day there were some things that Moss was able to do around campus to start getting a look at the bigger picture. It was more of an academic tour, but it was an eye opener.

"On Friday morning we took a tour around the campus and they told us about the academic side of the Nebraska. It was more of an academic tour. I found out that they lead the nation in academic All-Americans.

"That was surprising to me about Nebraska. I didn't know how good they had it at Nebraska. They lead Stanford and Notre Dame by a good margin. That was never a fact that was thrown out before that I knew about."

After the academic tour Moss said that he and the other visitors were down on the field with the team during warm-ups and went back into the locker room with the team. The tunnel walk was something that really impressed Moss.

"We were down on the field for warm-ups and when they went back into the locker room before they came back out we were with them. We came out a couple of minutes before they did through the tunnel.

"The tunnel walk was crazy and exciting. It was an experience in itself. It caught me off-guard. I knew that the fans would be crazy, but everyone was screaming your name encouraging me to come to Nebraska. It made you feel better about your surroundings."

Moss really appreciated the tradition at Nebraska for having a great defense and the fans' love and support for their defense. He said that is one reason why he could see himself playing at Nebraska potentially.

"I play defense and I love defense. I think that defense is the number one thing because the offense scores points, but defense wins games and at Nebraska they love their defense. Felt good to be in that setting. I can definitely play in a setting like that."

Moss was already there on a visit with someone he knew, but they were being hosted by someone they both knew too. The older brother to Andrus, Todd Peat, hosted both of his former team mates while they were in town.

Moss with Andrus Peat

"My host was Todd Peat and I was with his brother Andrus Peat for the visit. He has been talking to me about Nebraska since he got there. He's been trying to convince me to come there.

"On the visit he was talking to me about it again trying to give me some pressure and stuff to follow him up there to Nebraska. He showed us around town and introduced us to some of the other players."

Moss wasn't a 100% sure if this was the first time for Andrus to visit Lincoln, but he knew that Peat liked his visit. He said that both of them were very impressed in how the Nebraska fan base knew who they were and how they approached them.

"I think that this was the first time in Nebraska for Andrus too. I am pretty sure that he enjoyed his time in Lincoln too. One thing is for sure, that crowd and the way that they came up and talked to us liked they knew us really got to both of us."

The last day of the visit was mostly about business. There was some time with the coaches, specifically the position coach and the head coach, and then Moss had to board another plane to make his way back home.

"This was more of a business kind of day, less time out and more time in talking to the coaches, I spoke to Coach John Papuchis and Coach Bo Pelini about the visit."

Moss gave Nebraska a little less than a perfect score, but a great score nevertheless. Moss couldn't complain about anything that Nebraska could control, but he did mention that the connecting flight was a little rough for him and Peat coming to Nebraska.

"It was a "9.5". The flight was bad. Going to Nebraska from Denver was bad. It was delayed and then we got into a plane and it was one of the smallest I had ever seen. We were cramped in there. We were too big for the seats."

Moss is off to see Purdue next weekend with a new benchmark set for schools and for official visits by Nebraska. The Huskers, according to Moss, have set a very high bar in that regard.

"Every visit that I have taken has been a step up from the one before so I have high expectations. Arizona State was really nice and Nebraska was excellent. Nebraska has set the bar pretty high so I want other schools to repeat that performance."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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