Terrific weekend

A commitment would have been nice this weekend, but it's clear that Nebraska did improve their position with all five of the official visitors including the visiting verbal commitment. Nebraska might not had been at the top of the list for each of the four uncommitted recruits, but after the weekend an argument can be made that they favor Nebraska now.

Not a lot could have gone better for Nebraska this weekend. There was good weather and a solid performance on the field, offensively and defensively, for the five official visitors that were in town this past weekend.

The visitor that everyone had been most interested in hearing about, the #2 rated offensive tackle in the nation Andrus Peat, came away impressed and told Scout.com's Jason Jewell that the Nebraska visit got high marks from him.

"It was a "10"," Peat told Jewell. "The atmosphere was great and the fans were second to none. I liked both Stanford and Nebraska, but I'd have to give Nebraska the edge. The atmosphere and fans are just way different at Nebraska than anywhere I've been so far."

Older brother, Todd Peat, was the host for Andrus while he was in Lincoln this past weekend and he was also the host for Andrus' current team mate Avery Moss. Moss, a three-star defensive end, from Tempe (Ariz.) Corona Del Sol, was surprised by the academics at Nebraska.

"That was surprising to me about Nebraska. I didn't know how good they had it at Nebraska. They lead Stanford and Notre Dame by a good margin (in academic All-Americans). That was never a fact that was thrown out before that I knew about the school."

Moss went on to say that he gave the visit a "9.5" and said that Nebraska has set the bar very high for any other visits that he will take. "Every visit I have taken has been a step up from the one before. Arizona State was really nice and Nebraska was excellent."

Marcus Rios, a cornerback from Elk Grove (Calif.) Consumnes Oaks, also had good things to say about Nebraska. He mentioned some very similar things to what Moss had said about the new standard for official visits going forward. It's clear that Nebraska will get more attention now from Rios following such a good visit.

"After this visit I feel very strong about Nebraska. I would rate this visit a "10 out of 10". It was a real great experience for me. I loved Nebraska. Nothing really could have been better. It was the best visit that I had been on yet."

Rios has already seen UCLA and Arizona State, but the interesting part is that Rios is literally a month away from enrolling at a school because he is graduating early. A solid visit for Nebraska so late in the process has to really put them in a great position.

Nate Iese from Sacramento (Calif.) Sheldon would probably say that Nebraska is in a great position for him too after the visit. Iese knew that he should expect a terrific game-day environment, but the academics caught him off guard like they did the other recruits.

"It was great. I liked everything at Nebraska. It shocked me how well I liked everything because I thought I would just be seeing a football game and I would be impressed by that. They have great academics and great academic support at Nebraska for their athletes ; football comes second. That is stressed to their players."

While Nebraska didn't secure a commitment from any of the previously uncommitted recruits that visited it could be argued that after visiting Nebraska that all four now favor Nebraska over other schools. There was a recruiting success that will be seen on the commitment list for the rest of the year after this past weekend though.

Coming into the weekend junior college linebacker, Zaire Anderson from Riverside (Calif.), said that he was going to take visits to see some other schools. He did include last week that they would be trips to just take a trip, but after seeing Nebraska for the first time and getting a chance to hang out with Lavonte David over the weekend he realized those additional trips would be a waste of time.

"I was (going to take some other visits), but I don't think so anymore. Nebraska is the place for me. I was going to take them just to take them, but I think that it would be a waste of my time and the other schools' time."

Nebraska failed to nab a game-day weekend commitment this year, but it should be said that just because the players return home uncommitted that some do eventually end up committing to Nebraska. There is a very good chance that Nebraska could nab multiple players from this past weekend when this year is all said and done.

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