McMullen: "I want to be a Blackshirt"

Greg McMuMullen wasn't sure the other night if Nebraska was coming Wednesday or Thursday night. We know now...

"Nebraska comes here tomorrow. I might have told you the wrong date," said McMullen on Wednesday night. "I knew that it was today or tomorrow."

One thing Nebraska fans have wondered in the last few days is if a new head coach hire at Ohio State means that there is any new pressure for an in-home visit by OSU or any other school?

", no. Not at all. No one is even trying," said McMullen. "My response to any school coming to look at me right now is 'I'm fine. I don't want you looking at me.

"I am in that mindset right now. I don't care if it's Urban Meyer or anyone else. I don't care. It's not my problem. I have my eyes on the prize and I want to be a Blackshirt."

McMullen credits his language with the coaches and how he speaks about Nebraska and his commitment. He doesn't mince his words.

"You have to understand, I am firm in where I stand. When I speak they know I am firm. I have a good head on my shoulder and I have a good heart.

"When some coaches talk to some players they might get an 'I don't know' or a 'Maybe...' but that right there gives them enough to stay after the kid. I don't use maybes. I don't need to use them anymore. There's no need."

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