Q&A: Jerran Young

Nebraska signee Jerran Young feels like he will be a selfless player in Lincoln.

1. What led you to take the Junior College route instead of going straight to a Division 1 school?

Jerran: "I knew I had the potential to go a to competitive division 1 school, but I wanted to improve my skills and get mentally ready to attend the school I knew I was capable of attending."

2. What did you learn about your game and the college game overall while playing for McLennan Community College your first year?

Jerran: "I got more mentally tough and learned a lot about being a team in college. In high school it was a very selfish sport, but now I have matured and have become a smart selfless player."

3.When analysts talk about you, they consider you a pure scorer, would you say that your only a scorer?

Jerran: "No. I can also play defense. I can put a lot of pressure on the opponent."

4. You went to a football game on your official visit, what did that tell you about Huskers fans?

Jerran: "They are very supportive of Nebraska sports. You can tell when Nebraska plays they will always be there."

5. Washington, Baylor, Wichita State, Oklahoma State and Oregon all showed interest in you throughout the recruiting process, why Nebraska?

Jerran: "I have a great opportunity to come in and make a difference in the program."

6. What makes Jerran Young different than other basketball players? How do you use that to your advantage?

Jerran: "He can drive the basketball to the hoop, but also make the three pointers - so he is unpredictable and the opponent will not know where to cover."

7. What was the defining moment where you knew you wanted to be a Nebraska Cornhusker?

Jerran: "I loved the campus and coaches and I knew I would be able to go in and make a difference in the program."

8. How do you feel you can contribute to the 2012-2013 Huskers basketball team?

Jerran: "I believe I can contribute to the team by having a good attitude and being a smart and selfless player."

9. This years the Huskers team got off to a quick start, but there is always room for improvement, what does Nebraska need to do to get better and how far can they go?

Jerran: "We need to limit turnovers and keeping the guards out of the paint. I believe they will go far this year."

- Josh Harvey -

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