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Nebraska might have gotten back into the win column on Wednesday night, but a 51-50 victory over an Atlantic Sun team didn't exactly impress.

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"It's a win - these are hard." – Doc Sadler walking out of the post game press conference

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The last few weeks I have taken heat from some that I have been too high on this team. It might be true, their last couple of performances have been I would say less than stellar. Unlike many Husker fans, I don't have failures from the past to judge by. I can only compare this team to others I have covered during my career. By those standards, this team has talent. I think it has the talent to be a NCAA team. But, that doesn't mean they will. This team lacks consistency. Tonight it was brought up that maybe they are tight? Maybe there is too much pressure to win this year. I don't know if that is the case, they jacked up quite a few shots tonight that would tell me they aren't playing scared. Whatever it is, they better figure it out quick. They have three more non-conference games to figure out how to play better basketball before the Big Ten.

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Junior college transfer Dylan Talley is hurt. He's hurting so much that there has been mention to shutting him down for the year and applying for a medical hardship. It's something that Nebraska really can't afford to do. All he did tonight was score 14 points in 26 minutes and grab five rebounds. There was also that whole game winning shot with 9 seconds left. When asked after the game, he said that it hurts more to sit down and not play than to play. His minutes total tonight was one of his largest of the season; if they keep playing him, expect more nights like tonight.

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The Hilkemann Report:
By Josh Hilkemann

1.) Nebraska came out really sloppy. The turnover difference (18-13 in favor Florida Gulf Coast) kept the Eagles in the game. The Huskers were sluggish throughout most of the game – maybe it was still the aftereffects of two tough losses. You also have to give some credit to Florida Gulf Coast: they played hard the whole night and were especially energetic on defense. After the game Brandon Ubel said that the Eagles switched defense almost every possession, making it difficult to know what offense to run until deep in the shot clock. But neither of these should be excuses for Nebraska – they played badly against a subpar team… at home. They probably should have won by 20 or 25, but instead had to fight and claw to get the lead and then hang on to win.

2.) Nebraska was soft down low tonight. They were outscored in the paint 16-14. Diaz and Ubel couldn't get anything going the entire night.

3.) The first half was one of the ugliest halves of basketball you'll ever see. Nebraska only had two points in the paint during the half and committed ten turnovers while allowing five three-pointers from the Eagles. The second half was a little bit better, but not by much.

4.) Bo Spencer had one of his worst games as a Husker on the offensive end of the floor. Not only were his statistics not up to his standard (six points on 2-11 shooting and seven turnovers), but he looked frustrated, especially when Nebraska was behind. He was trying to do too much and win the game by himself. Defensively Spencer played hard, and according to Sadler it was easily Spencer's best game of the season on the defensive end, but overall he just looked out of sorts.

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