Fuller speaks to the Huskers

It's the second week and the Nebraska staff hasn't been to see Devin Fuller. It's not that they didn't want to or weren't trying, but weather conditions at the airport where they were going to land prevented them from being able to make it in to see him last week. The Nebraska staff was there this week though. How did the visit go?

Devin Fuller and the Old Tappan (N.J.) team are done this year. Wrapping up the end of the season was the banquet which Fuller had on Wednesday night with his team. He picked up an area award this past week at the banquet.

"I had a banquet the other night," Fuller said. "It went pretty good. It was just for our team. We got some awards though. I earned all-county and I think that all-state comes out tomorrow or Monday."

The Nebraska staff has not been able to get in to see Fuller because of weather issues. They were able to get in this past weekend. It was the head coach and the offensive coordinator that stopped by.

"Nebraska was by to see me on Tuesday. Coach Bo Pelini and Coach Tim Beck came this week. Last week it was supposed to be Coach Bo and Coach Ross Els. They couldn't make it because of weather."

Fuller admits that there really wasn't anything that he needed any additional information about from Nebraska. The visit with Nebraska was really for his mother who wasn't able to take the official visit to Lincoln.

"The visit was really for my mom. I already knew everything that I need to know and my dad went on the trip to Nebraska with me. She wanted to know things about the program and the school. She really liked the coaches a lot. She knows they are not trying to lie to her."

Fuller said that there were tough questions for the coaches to answer especially about the depth chart and recruiting. Fuller knows that there is another quarterback commitment and he wanted to see what the plan was for both of them.

"They said that the quarterback that they have right now is a good quarterback, but they plan on bringing in a couple of quarterbacks and making him battle for the job. It would be an open competition.

"They know that the quarterback they have right now is good, but they are hoping that we could come in there and push him to become better and we would get better as part of the process."

Fuller doesn't claim any leaders and he doesn't claim to have a list. He did say though that if he had one Nebraska would be very high on his. "I would say that Nebraska is pretty high up there. I don't really have a list, but Nebraska is one of my favorite schools."

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