McNeil visits Nebraska

It's been a long process for LaDarrell McNeill. McNeill actually committed to Tennessee before the season started in mid-August. It was then that you thought the process might have ended. But, some teams continue to pursue and Nebraska was one of those teams that continued to chase. The Huskers hosted McNeill this weekend in Lincoln.

It wasn't a big weekend in terms of the quantity of official visitors for Nebraska, but the one that they had in town was a very big one. LaDarrell McNeill from Dallas (Texas) A Maceo Smith High School is already home and exhausted from the weekend according to his mother.

"He's already in bed," McNeill's mom reported. "He's an early to bed, early to rise guy. He goes to bed early, but he's up early in the morning. I know that he had a long weekend too though."

McNeill's mom did say that LaDarrell had a good visit and a good weekend in Lincoln, but it was a long trip and not a lot of sleep. The answers were positive to her questions, but there wasn't a lot of detail.

"He really did have a good time this weekend. He wasn't in a very good mood when I picked him up from the airport. I think that all of the travel is getting the best of him. I think it's just wearing him out.

"I asked him how it went and what he liked about it and he said ‘It was alright' and ‘It was fine'. He really didn't have a specific comment about anything. I am sure after some rest he will tell me more in comparison to the other trips he's been on." will catch up with McNeill tomorrow to get some more information about his trip to Nebraska and his upcoming trips.

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