Diggs hosts Nebraska tonight

The last week of the contact period is here and the Nebraska staff is hitting the road one last time really hard. It's not a coincidence that the recruiting coordinator is starting out the week in Florida meeting with one of the top targets that Nebraska has remaining on their list. Who will be in town to see Jordan Diggs tonight?

Jordan Diggs says that the contact period is going well and he's trying to get out and still to the normal things he would do. The coaches from Nebraska stopped by last week, but they will be by early this week in the final week of the contact period.

"Nebraska was here last week," Diggs said. "They just stopped by and said hi, but Coach John Papuchis will by to see me today. I am looking forward to talking with him."

Diggs has been to see Nebraska twice and has seen a coach from Nebraska each week of the contact period. He says that there isn't a lot of discussion about Nebraska. It's mostly about casual, normal conversation.

"Our conversations are, I would describe them as very normal. We talk about what is going on in their lives and what is going on with me. There are very few questions about football and the school."

Coach J.P. and Diggs have always had a strong relationship. Diggs admits that through some time though he really got a chance to be comfortable around the other coaches at Nebraska that have an influence on his recruitment.

"I have always been comfortable with the recruiting coordinator at Nebraska, Coach J.P., but I would say that I have grown comfortable with Coach Raymond and Coach Bo Pelini. Things are comfortable with us."

One of the reasons Diggs took an unofficial visit to Nebraska before his official visit was Michael Rose. Rose and Diggs stay in pretty good touch and their friendship goes way past Nebraska.

"Mike and I stay in touch a lot. He sent me a message the other day. Our relationship goes beyond football. Regardless of whether or not I go to Nebraska we will remain friends."

Diggs is eyeing the end of the year and a trip out to Texas on New Year's Day to show what he can do in a national all-star game. "I am in the U.S. Army All-American Game. I fly out January 1st to head to San Antonio."

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