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Both schools have now been visited. Mohammed Seisay's decision is just days away. Come inside as Big Red Report gets the latest from the junior college corner. Is he swaying one direction?

A meeting with the family will come first. Then it's a decision on Tuesday. Followed by signing his National Letter of Intent on Wednesday. To quote Eastern Arizona College cornerback Mohammed Seisay, "it's going to be one of the busiest weeks of my life."

Seisay narrowed his choices to Nebraska and Arkansas a few weeks ago, but didn't take an official trip to Fayetteville until this weekend. With the visit fresh in his mind, Big Red Report talked with the junior college product about the weekend.

"It was great. I had a chance to see everything behind the coaching staff and what they are all about," said Seisay. "I was able to meet some of the players, watch their preparation for their bowl game. I had a great time overall.

"I'm not really thinking about my decision right now. I'm coming off a really good visit and now I'm just sitting at home trying to relax a little bit. I have to meet with my family and talk things out. I won't be making a decision until I talk to them. I probably will not talk about a decision until Tuesday night."

Seisay's family will be heavily involved in the decision, not only because both schools were recruiting him, but both were recruiting his parents.

"We are going to have a chance to sit down and talk about those visits – the pros and cons of each school – and about my visits to both Arkansas and Nebraska," said Seisay. "There are things I need to hear about because I was at Eastern Arizona when the visits took place."

With it being nearly a month and a half since his visit to Lincoln, Big Red Report asked how hard it is to compare the Huskers to a "good" recent visit at Arkansas.

"It's hard, it's the freshest in my mind obviously," said Seisay. "But there are other things that go into it.

"Nebraska has been great. They offered me, I took a visit, and they have not let up recruiting me hard. I have seen Coach Raymond a couple times, Coach Bo came to visit me. They went to talk to my family. I talk with Coach Raymond almost everyday, that relationship and trust is there. That is what I will remember when making this decision. The coaching staff has been very trustworthy."

Stay with Big Red Report as we continue to closely monitor Seisay's final days before his commitment.

Josh Harvey has covered college football and recruiting for Fox Sports & since 2008. He is now the Publisher of Big Red Report, covering Nebraska athletics.
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