Break Time Drawing Near

Nebraska will practice Tuesday, then take five days off for the Holiday season.

Lincoln, NE - As reporters left the Hawks Practice Facility early Monday evening, redshirt freshman Kenny Bell was yelling multiple times, "Glorious" for all to hear.

His response was driven by a question from Big Red Report's JC Reid – Kenny, what do you think of five-days off for the Holidays? It was easy to tell Bell was excited.

Will the coaches take a day off?
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"It's going to be great to go home, give my mom the biggest hug ever, and sit in my house relaxing for five days straight with my family," said Bell, a Colorado native who once was enjoyed skiing this time of the year.

"I used to, that's a touchy subject. I'm not allowed to anymore."


"I never got hurt. I wouldn't call myself good, but I'm an avid skier. I used to go every weekend with my friends."

Tomorrow will be Nebraska's final practice in Lincoln. Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini will give his squad five days off before the Huskers depart for Orlando – not exactly the norm by most college football coaches preparing for a bowl game.

"We are not just one-dimensional people. If all you do is just expire people all the time and just squeeze every last drop out of them and they never get a chance to be around their family and to be around their friends to get home, it's tough," said Nebraska running back's coach Ron Brown.

"I appreciate Coach Pelini's attitude about it, with the kids there has to be a trust level. We are entrusting them and they're trusting us that we are working hard and preparing game plans and we have to trust them that they are going to be making wise decisions while they're on the road and they get back in time to get down there and get ready for a very tough South Carolina team."

Nebraska offensive line coach Barney Cotton, a veteran to preparation for a bowl game, says the Huskers are right where they need to be going into the break.

"(Nebraska strength coach)James (Dobson) will give them some things to make sure they do something the days they are home with their families," said Cotton. "Our guys do a pretty good job of focusing and doing what they are supposed to do when they come back. They will be ready to go. They have had a good preparation so far."

Maybe Cotton will be able to use the small break to do some holiday shopping. He does after all have two boys on the team, with another high school senior committed to Nebraska.

"(Laughter) I don't know even know what to buy them. They have a lot of stuff already (laughter)," said Cotton. "The biggest thing they could get me is to get healthy."

Junior tight end Ben Cotton was sidelined the last two games of the season with a injured shoulder. His brother Jake, a redshirt freshman – missed nearly the entire season with a torn MCL and ACL.

Josh Harvey has covered college football and recruiting for Fox Sports & since 2008. He is now the Publisher of Big Red Report, covering Nebraska athletics.
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