Mr. Versatility out of the lonestar state

Outside of the trenches, you can put this young man just about anywhere on the field and he can get it done. Athletic, versatile and intense, Tremaine Turner makes a coaches' job easy, because he just says where to go and what position to play and Turner can usually do quite well. It's this type of do-everything ability that could make Turner a definite diamond in the ruff.

Let's get this out of the way so as not to keep you in suspense, but Turner doesn't have any offers right now. No, I didn't state that right off the bat because I wanted you to stop reading, I just think that Turner could be a good illustration of just how hard it is to get noticed in the state of Texas.

Texas, one of the grand-daddies for producing a ton of division 1-A commits every year, sometimes it takes a big school, some big stats or some big-time luck just to get your name on the marquee.

Turner's stats last year were modest by Texas terms as he tallied a reported 50+ tackles on defense, but much of that has to do with the fact that he was all over the field. Not at just one position either.

While Turner couldn't recall his stats at every position, the fact that he played both sides of the field and has played anywhere from tight end to linebacker to safety to cornerback and wide receiver, well, you get the point.

What Turner has right now is what he's always had and he hopes that and his senior year is enough to get those offers to come in. "I guess on both sides of the ball I'm pretty aggressive." Tremaine said. "I like to be on the field, so it's good playing all the positions I do."

Does playing all those positions hurt him though when it comes to a school wanting to see him play just one? "I don't think so." he said. "Schools recruit plenty of guys as athletes, so if they see that I can do a lot of things out there, I think they would offer me if I was just that good at one position."

That kind of common-sense attitude doesn't stop Turner from a bit crazy on the field. In fact as Tuner stated, that's what makes him better than just what his reported 6'3" and 210 lbs. frame would suggest. "You have to play with a little fire out there or you are going to get run over." he said. "Doesn't matter what side of the ball you are on, you have to bring it every play."

Though the offers aren't there, Turner said that attention through the mailbox certainly is, schools like LSU, Texas, Nebraska, Iowa and TCU all staying fairly consistent in their presence. Tuner obviously hopes that the regular mail will turn into the Fed-Ex kind that include offers amongst them, but he's not in a hurry, so he's not too worried right now. "I'm not doing anything anytime soon." he said. "I'll play my season, take some officials where I can and see what I will do after that. I can't worry about what the schools will do. I just have to worry about what I do out on the field and the rest will take care of itself."

Amongst the schools showing him interest, Tremaine puts LSU and Texas at the top of his list, but did say that whoever shows him "real" interest will get that kind of interest back.

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