BCS 150: Dade County

Almost all of the teams East of the Mississippi recruit the state of Florida because of the sheer number of quality athletes the state produces year in and year out. Many on the west side of the Mississippi are coming into the state as well now. The Sunshine State should have over 310 players sign a D-1 scholarship with over 160 signing with BCS programs.


Here is a look at where the players inside that BCS150 come from and which schools are doing the best job in those area's. We have broken Florida recruiting down to 12 area's: Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Southwest Florida, Tampa, Polk, Central Florida, Treasure Coast, I-75, Jacksonville, and the Panhandle.

Today we take a look at the most talent rich 'area' in Florida: Dade County

Geoff Vogt, Scout.com

1. Duke Johnson

High School: Miami (Norland)

Ht/Wt: 5'9, 185

Position: Running Back

Position Rank in State: 1

Overall Rank in State: 1

College: Committed to Miami

Good News: We've been going to games since 1983 and Johnson might be the best we have seen in terms of ALWAYS making plays. He is clutch, dynamic, and plays the game the right way- hard. He has the ability to make you miss in tight quarters and the speed to run past defenders. He has plus hands for a RB and can be used in a variety of ways. Tough as nails and plays much bigger than his size. State champion and willed his team to victory in the hostile confines of Palmetto in the semi-finals. Duke could play RB, WR, or CB at the next level. It does not matter, he is a difference maker at any of those spots. He is our no. 1 overall player in the state. That is made all the more impressive because this list leans to size.

Bad News: None.

2, Ereck Flowers

High School: Miami (Norland)

Ht/Wt: 6'6, 310

Position: Offensive Tackle

Position Rank in State: 2

Overall Rank in State: 4

College: Committed to Miami

Good News: Blessed with prototype size---that is NFL prototype size, Flowers has continued his upward trajectory of development as a senior. Perhaps no one has progressed like Flowers over the past 12 months. He is a straight mauler in the run game and seems to get better in pass protection each week. There is still a ton of upside remaining and he has the work ethic to get to his ceiling. Won a state title as a senior. Very nimble for a big guy.

Bad News: Still has aways to go in the technique aspect of the position. Just a puppy in that area.

3. Ricardo Louis

High School: Miami Beach

Ht/Wt: 6'2, 205

Position: Wide Receiver

Position Rank in State: 2

Overall Rank in State: 12

College: Committed to Auburn

Good News: Perhaps the closest thing to Andre Johnson since the Texan's star was gracing the field at Miami Senior High School. He has outstanding size and the rare ability to pull away from defenders in vaunted Dade County. Body built for contact. Louis was the lone weapon on his team and carried them to just about every victory over the past two seasons. Could play a variety of positions in college due to his athletic tools.

Bad News: Does he have a position? Really struggled during 7on7 catching the football(on film however that is not a problem). Does he know where he wants to play? Very raw entering college and will need some time to develop.

4. A.J. Leggett

High School: Miami (South Miami)

Ht/Wt: 5'11, 180

Position: Cornerback

Position Rank in State: 3

Overall Rank in State: 17

College: FSU, Nebraska, Marshall

Good News: Leggett possesses the best hips in the state. He is a physical cover corner with plus ball skills. He possesses good size at CB and could easily slide to Safety at the next level. He put his team on his back(played QB as well) and made the playoffs......doing much of it alone. Leggett had a tremendous senior season. Capable of playing in man or zone schemes.

Bad News: His pure speed is a concern. He has never tested well at combines in the 40. Played at four different schools making eligibility an issue.

Cooper is a silky smooth wide receiver
Geoff Vogt, Scout.com

5. Amari Cooper

High School: Miami (Northwestern)

Ht/Wt: 6'2, 180

Position: Wide Receiver

Position Rank in State: 4

Overall Rank in State: 19

College: Committed to Alabama

Good News: Latest in a long line of top WR prospects from Northwestern. At 6'2, he will add plenty of weight on his great frame and he has the speed to stretch the field. When he wants to turn it on, he can be very tough to handle. Great hands and he will make some catches that are special. Tore up the 7on7 circuit. There is a lot of upside here.

Bad News: Cooper is probably better suited to be a no. 2 type WR than a no. 1. He could thrive in that role.

6. Deon Bush

High School: Miami (Columbus)

Ht/Wt: 6'1, 180

Position: Cornerback

Position Rank in State: 6

Overall Rank in State: 32

College: Auburn, Miami, Alabama

Good News: He tests as well as any player in the state. A superior athlete. Bush possesses NFL tools at the CB spot. Sub 4.5 in the 40, jumps out of the gym, and good feet. He could end up being a rangy Safety down the road. Has the frame to care plenty of weight. Was lock-down at camps in man coverage. Bush has a very high ceiling.

Bad News: Those tremendous tools did not always translate to on the field production. Is he a corner? We would have liked to see more big, impact plays.

7. Keith Brown

High School: Miami (Norland)

Ht/Wt: 6'1, 225

Position: Linebacker

Position Rank in State: 4

Overall Rank in State: 34

College: Louisville, Ohio State, Miami, Illinois, USF

Good News: Brown is similar to Bush, but at a different position. He runs like the wind, has a perfect physique, and can be a three-down linebacker at the next level. Came on as a senior down the stretch. State champion. Played the game more physically in the latter part of his senior season. Saved his best for last with a good performance in the title game. Raw, but the ceiling is there to play on Sunday's.

Bad News: Brown had some injuries in his high school career. That is probably why he had some games where he made very little impact. No set LB position.

8. Herbert Waters

High School: Homestead

Ht/Wt: 6'0, 165

Position: Cornerback

Position Rank in State: 8

Overall Rank in State: 50

College: Committed to Miami

Good News: Outstanding athlete. Very smooth. Could play WR or CB at Miami. Waters played all over the field during his high school career and made plays. Has good speed and really improved from junior to senior seasons. Waters could help on special teams. Good size at WR becomes elite size at CB.

Bad News: Bounced around positionally in high school. Will need to pick his position and stick with it. Might need a year in the system before he contributes.

9. Vernon Davis

High School: Miami (Coral Reef)

Ht/Wt: 5'9, 175

Position: Cornerback

Position Rank in State: 9

Overall Rank in State: 56

College: Committed to Miami

Good News: Davis was an outstanding punt returner his senior season and will likely make his first impact on special teams. Not tested a bunch in high school at CB, but was fantastic in the off-season. While on the short side, Davis has a thick frame and is physical. Exceptionally quick. Good ball skills. Plays with a lot of confidence. Led team to playoffs and Davis should be an early enrollee.

Bad News: At 5'9 he will have a tough time with bigger WRs and he needs to get a click faster.

Durante had a big senior year
Geoff Vogt, Scout.com

10. Johnnie Durante

High School: Miami (Dr. Krop)

Ht/Wt: 5'11, 170

Position: Cornerback

Position Rank in State: 9

Overall Rank in State: 62

College: FSU, Miami, Indiana, FAU, Kentucky

Good News: Durante played on both sides of the ball and put together a terrific senior season. His upside is at CB and he is a name that is hot right now on the recruiting trail. Tough player that is very productive. Has the potential to help on special teams. Great size for the CB spot. Breaks on the football as well anyone in South Florida. Was the go to player for his team and delivered.

Bad News: Played more S than CB and so there are some questions about his pure cover ability. Needs to get stronger.

11. Teko Powell

High School: Miami (Norland)

Ht/Wt: 6'3, 290

Position: Defensive Tackle

Position Rank in State: 2

Overall Rank in State: 67

College: Louisville, Miami, USF, FSU

Good News: Powell possesses great size and has good athleticism. State champion. A player that made many impact plays from his DT spot. Good quickness and gets penetration regularly. Capable of getting after the QB. Saw a lot of double teams in high school and still thrived.

Bad News: Needs to play lower and get his pad level down. Disappeard at times. Still needs to get bigger.

12. Robert Conyers

High School: Miami (Braddock)

Ht/Wt: 6'4, 280

Position: Offensive Tackle

Position Rank in State: 10

Overall Rank in State: 85

College: USF, Duke, Ole Miss, and Wake Forest

Good News: Conyers has a good frame to work with and plays the game nasty. Good athlete that was terrific blocking for the run game. Has the tools to excel in pass pro too. Very strong and carries his weight well. Could slide inside to guard at the next level. Plays with good technique and is a student of the game.

Bad News: Needs to add more weight and keep improving as an overall athlete.

13. Larry Hope

High School: Hialeah (American)

Ht/Wt: 5'11, 165

Position: Cornerback

Position Rank in State: 13

Overall Rank in State: 87

College: Committed to Miami

Good News: Hope has good length and plays the game physically. Very strong in the upper body and he has shown the ability to cover. Better suited for zone type schemes and he has good ball skills. Locked down some top WRs in camps. High character and a hard worker.

Bad News: Missed almost all of his senior season with injury(not physical). Needs to get stronger in his lower body.

14. Jordan Hinojosa

High School: Miami (Central)

Ht/Wt: 6'2, 280

Position: Defensive Tackle

Position Rank in State: 4

Overall Rank in State: 88

College: Committed to Minnesota

Good News: It is hard to find a player that loves to play the game as much as Hinojosa. Never stops moving even on the sidelines and just fights hard for 48 minutes. Active, versatile player that can be moved around the defensive line. Big part of one of the state's top defenses. His character and motor almost guarantee success at the next level.

Bad News: He is limited physically and while he fights hard every play, he needs to improve his technique.

Clayton is a complete back that has been ultra productive
Geoff Vogt, Scout.com

15. Torry Clayton

High School: Homestead (South Dade)

Ht/Wt: 5'10, 195

Position: Running Back

Position Rank in State: 8

Overall Rank in State: 92

College: Cincinnati, FIU, Ball State, UAB, UCF, WVU, Buffalo

Good News: Physical runner with good size and quickness. Very productive back that was the horse for his team. Very successful despite defenses keying on him. Capable of making defenders miss in space or run over/through them. Catches the ball well out of the backfield. Versatile enough to play in a variety of schemes.

Bad News: Clayton lacks home run speed and has some work to do in the classroom.

16. Donaldven Manning

High School: Miami (Central)

Ht/Wt: 5'11, 150

Position: Cornerback

Position Rank in State: 14

Overall Rank in State: 95

College: Committed to Virginia Tech

Good News: One of the top pure cover men in the state. Manning is long and has exceptional ball skills. Fast, quick, and plays bigger than his size. Plays the game with a lot of confidence and is not afraid to get beat. Locked down some top WRs in pads.

Bad News: He is very thin and does not have a frame to add a lot of weight.

17. James Burgess

High School: Homestead

Ht/Wt: 6'0, 200

Position: Linebacker

Position Rank in State: 14

Overall Rank in State: 101

College: Louisville

Good News: Burgess is an active linebacker. He finds the football and will hit when he gets there. He is the son of a former Cane LB, James, and he has the potential to be a starting player down the road.

Bad News: Was injured for much of his senior season. Needs to add about 25-30 pounds before he see's the field.

18. Brandon Snell

High School: Miami (Carol City)

Ht/Wt: 5'11, 165

Position: Wide Receiver

Position Rank in State: 21

Overall Rank in State: 115

College: Committed to Louisville

Good News: Elite hands. He will catch everything that comes near him. Ultra quick in and out of his breaks. Creates separation easily. Those qualities project well to the slot.

Bad News: Lack of bulk and deep speed probably means he is a slot.

19. Bilal Marshall

High School: Miami (Dade Christian)

Ht/Wt: 6'3, 175

Position: Quarterback

Position Rank in State: 3

Overall Rank in State: 121

College: Committed to Purdue

Good News: Long athlete with a good, accurate arm and the athleticism to make things happen with his feet. Put up solid numbers for three years in high school. Despite athleticism, he has worked to be a QB and we project him there. Real good chance he is a starter down the road.

Bad News: Played a lower level of competition and needs to bulk up. It will be a few years until he is ready to compete.

20. Eric Kinsey

High School: Miami (Northwestern)

Ht/Wt: 6'2, 250

Position: Defensive End

Position Rank in State: 10

Overall Rank in State: 128

College: Cincinnati, West Virginia, Louisville, UCONN, FAMU, Georgia

Good News: Kinsey has it in terms of tools. He is a plus athlete for his size and can even play in space. Has a good build for adding weight. In fact, could grow into a DT down the road. Quick first step. If he works, he has next-next level potential.

Bad News: Was probably at his best as a sophomore. Had a quiet senior year. Needs to play with more effort.

21. Imarjaye Albury

High School: Miami (Northwestern)

Ht/Wt: 6'0, 290

Position: Defensive Tackle

Position Rank in State: 6

Overall Rank in State: 140

College: Committed to West Virginia

Good News: Excellent football player that is active inside and can make plays in the backfield. Good first step. Has a wide, strong build. Plays athletic. Albury can contribute early.

Bad News: Lack of ideal height hurt him on the recruiting trail and it might hurt his potential down the road.

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