What's on their Best Buy shopping list?

Cutting in line at Universal Orlando isn't the only perk for players playing in the Capital One Bowl. On Friday afternoon, Nebraska will get to experience a Best Buy shopping spree.

Orlando, FL - Cutting in line at Universal Orlando isn't the only perk for players playing in the Capital One Bowl.

On Friday afternoon, after the Huskers fourth practice in Orlando, Nebraska players will experience a $420 Best Buy shopping experience – one of their biggest bowl gifts this year.

"Everybody has something in my mind on what they want to do," said junior linebacker Will Compton. "I can't really say, I'm going to get myself a few things, but I'm going to do some Christmas shopping."

While most guys will elect to go with an Ipad, a possible new phone, or DVDs – what happens if they go with a large gift? Like a desktop computer or TV?

"If it's too big, they will give us a receipt for when we get back into town and we can pick it up there," said Compton.

So what is your favorite Husker coveting?

P.J. Smith – "I don't really need anything from Best Buy. I think I got everything I need from Best Buy (laughter). I'm going to get stuff for my family, whatever I see and I think they will like, I will get it for them."

Austin Cassidy – "I have everything I need, so I don't know. I think I'm going to possibly pick up something for my fiancé, but nothing in particular."

Tim Marlowe – "I have no clue what electronics I need. I'm just going to go look around and see what I see. I don't need anything big, so I'm thinking a lot of movies and video games."

Cameron Meredith – "An Xbox. I have all the games, but my other one broke. No, I'm not getting one with a Kinnect. I will probably pre-order some games as well."

Brett Maher – "I'm not sure."

"Yoshi" Hardrick – "Late Christmas gifts that I haven't got people yet."

Rex Burkhead – "I don't know. I'm probably going to get some headphones (Bose). And I will probably look at the video games. I'm an Xbox guy."

Terrence Moore – "I'm going to go look at the Ipads, I don't have one yet. If not that, I might look at the sound systems a little bit. The options are endless."

Brandon Kinnie – "I'm not really a technology guy. I'm going to get some Christmas presents for the family."

Alfonzo Dennard – "I'm getting my mom a TV. She needs a Christmas present."

Tyler Legate – "Probably going to get an Ipod. I have never had one."

Daimion Stafford – "Probably movies for my daughter."

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