Papuchis on future recruiting

The Husker DC lays out his idea of his recruiting role going forward.

Lincoln, NE - While John Papuchis might not have the recruiting coordinator tag going forward, the Nebraska defensive coordinator doesn't feel his new role will hinder his ability to recruit. If anything, Papuchis says expect more out of him for the next class.

"I feel the coordinator should play a significant role in recruiting all the prospects on his side of the ball – that is just my philosophy and belief," said Papuchis last week. "I think it will increase as far as having a good feel on the guys being recruited on your side of the ball."

Papuchis, who said Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini has a plan for the opening, was asked if a defensive coordinator could also have the tag recruiting coordinator.

"I don't know if you couldn't, but I think it's good amongst a staff to spread the responsibilities and leadership, so more guys own different aspects of the program," said Papuchis who has filled the role the last year while also being responsible for the defensive line and special teams.

Known to be an excellent recruiter, the new DC listed qualities that are a most in being a solid recruiting coordinator.

"I think organization and leadership. I think vision is the greatest way to encompass all of that," said the 33-year old. "I think vision on where you want to go with your recruiting and how many guys you want to take at each position. When you do that, you can't just think of the now in 2012 class, but you really have to project on how this class will affect the 2013 and 2014 classes. I think that is the most critical aspect in being the recruiting coordinator."

Last week, current Husker commitment Michael Rose, known to be one of the biggest cheerleaders for Nebraska when it comes to recruiting, said Papuchis has played a major part in keeping so many prospects interested this season.

"He's a great guy and done so much behind the scenes," said Rose. "He's the reason why so many big name guys are interested in Nebraska right now."

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