Blown away

Nebraska put their best foot forward with Inglewood (Calif.) cornerback Devian Shelton this past weekend.

There are definitely some holes to fit in the secondary with the 2012 class and one of the key pieces could be Devian Shelton. Shelton, a taller cornerback, was in Lincoln over the weekend.

"I got there on Friday," Shelton said. "We went out and ate and I got a chance to meet with all of the coaches. I went out later that day with the players."

Shelton was paired up with a current player that is from California and also plays in the secondary. His host told him some of the secrets of the team and in the end the message was you can play early if you are ready.

"Daimion Stafford was my host. He let me in on some of the things that go with the defense. He told me what they are looking for in their players and said that I can get on the field early.

"He told me that the coaches are always saying that if you are good enough and put in the effort that you will see the field. They will give me a chance to play early if I can do it."

Shelton said that he was able to get out a little more on Saturday and saw more of the school. He also met with the people on the academic side. Shelton knows that if he goes to Nebraska he will get his degree.

"I took a tour of the school and the campus on Saturday. I met with all of the academic support and life skills people. I really liked that about Nebraska. If the NFL didn't work out I would get my degree.

"We also did some things with the football side. I saw all of the facilities including going down on the field in the stadium and checked out the indoor facility. Their facilities are the best I have seen."

Sunday morning in Lincoln was pretty quick for Shelton. He said that he caught breakfast and then had to go catch his flight. While the distance from home is a negative he did say that the visit surpassed all expectations.

"I didn't have time to do a lot on Saturday. I got up and ate then left for the airport. My expectations of the visit were pretty low and they passed all of them up by a lot.

"I would say that the visit was a "9.5". The game day experience room was the best. I really want to go to a school and play big-time football. Nebraska might be the place for me."

Shelton has a couple of other visits in mind, but nothing is set yet. He doesn't think that he will be taking a visit this weekend that means that there might just be one more weekend open before signing day.

"I am planning on taking trips to go to Washington and Tennessee, but I am not sure if I will take a trip this weekend or not. I will definitely take a trip the last weekend of January, but nothing is set."

Shelton said that he was still committed to Oregon State before visiting Nebraska, but that seems to have completely changed. Since a key staff change at Oregon State he hasn't spoken to anyone on the staff.

"I am really open. I haven't spoke to anyone from Oregon State since the defensive backs coach left there to go to Washington. I haven't gotten a call from anyone on their staff."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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