The Hilkemman Review: NU vs OSU

Coming off a thrilling, one point win against No. 13 Indiana on Wednesday, Nebraska was looking to pull off another upset against No. 6 Ohio State. Instead the Huskers were blown out by the Buckeyes in an ugly game, 79-45.

*Two words describe Nebraska offensively: sloppy and sluggish. They shot 29.5 percent from the field in the game, including 17.6 percent (3-of-17) from beyond the arc. Another obvious flaw in Nebraska's offense was turnovers. They were careless with the basketball and ended up with 27 turnovers in the game. Toney McCray was symbolic of the Huskers' struggles in both of these categories, as he started the game 0-4 (he did make one later in the game) from three-point range and finished the with seven turnovers on the night.

*Nebraska's did have a slight advantage on the boards, 40 to 34, but these second chances and extra possessions didn't do the Huskers any good because they were shooting so poorly and turning the ball over.

*Ohio State showed tonight that they have plenty of weapons outside of Sullinger. The Buckeye star ended up with 14 points and five rebounds, but when the game was relatively close Nebraska held him in check. Ohio State is a balanced team offensively and a ton of credit has to be given to them on the defensive end as well. They held Jorge Brian Diaz scoreless and were continually slapping the ball away from the Huskers.

*Maybe the only bright spot coming out of this game for Nebraska is that they were able to get a number of players in off the bench. Most of the starters were out of the game with seven minutes to go, giving guys like Josiah Moore, Corey Hilliard Jr., David Rivers and Mike Fox a lot of playing time. This could be a blessing in disguise that the thin, seven-man rotation got some rest – they've been carrying the Huskers for a long stretch of games without many breathers.

*There's no doubt this game was ugly: a combined 37 turnovers and a total of 46 fouls called. But even if the Huskers had not gotten in foul trouble, had been able to shoot a higher percentage and hadn't turned the ball over as much, they still would have lost this game tonight: Ohio State was simply the better team.

- Josh Harvey -

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