The 2012 Review

So who was the biggest get in the 2012 class? What about the biggest miss? Who has a chance to play early? Big Red Report's Josh Harvey and Bryan Munson examine.

1. Position addressed the best:

Munson: Linebacker, four commitments with immediate help from Zaire Anderson who will be needed to try and fill the void left by Lavonte David. Michael Rose, Jared Afalava and Thomas Brown are solid.

Harvey: There is no doubt that it was linebacker. With the move to the Big Ten, their depth at the position was a little shallow. I think Zaire Anderson can be a guy that you can at least plug in for Lavonte David, even though I don't think the pressures of being the next All-American should necessarily be put on him. I think Michael Rose is a guy who could contend early for playing time, while admits that Jared Afalava is under ranked. Thomas Brown is a guy who is probably a couple years away, but has the tools to be a nice player.

2. Position still needs some help:

Munson: Safety, not one in the class that was immediately named on signing day. I think that eventually LeRoy Alexander probably moves to safety, but will start off at cornerback right now.

Harvey: Going to say cornerback. You always want a young that is known to be your next shutdown corner in a year or two. I think guys like Alonzo Moore and LeRoy Alexander have potential, but don't necessarily fit that void. Mohammed Seisay was a great pickup, but only has two years. If Charles Jackson could get qualified, I think it would be a huge help.

3: This way to the field, sir: (player(s) that will play immediately)

Munson: Zaire Anderson and Mohammed Seisay were the definitive commitments that were going to see the field. I think that you can add Imani Cross and Jordan Westerkamp as the next group that could see the field. Behind them I would put Michael Rose, Jared Afalava, Greg McMullen and Vincent Valentine.

Harvey: I think Zaire Anderson and Mohammed Seisay are no brainers, but I would look at Jordan Westerkamp to be the next guy. He's told me more than once that there are no plans for him to redshirt. I think you stick him in immediately in the void left by Brandon Kinnie as a guy who can move the chains on 3rd down.

4: Give 'em a year or two: (player(s) that will need to redshirt and develop)

Munson: Corey Whitaker, LeRoy Alexander, Sam Cotton, Aaron Curry, Avery Moss and LeRoy Alexander are not only headed for redshirts in my opinion, but the majority of them could use two years to get up to speed and put on some size before seeing the field in Lincoln.

Harvey: Instead of focusing on guys who I think will redshirt, I will list one that might surprise some – Vincent Valentine. I think Valentine is a guy who needs to get into a college weight room and work with a strength and conditioning team.

5. Under-rated recruit: (recruit based on ranking is under-rated)

Munson: By the ratings, I would have to go with Jared Afalava. I think that he's very low at #37 OLB overall, nationally. That being said, I also think that there could be an argument for Michael Rose too. I was impressed with him performance in the All-American game and would be hard pressed to say that there are 13 better middle linebackers in the nation than him.

Harvey: Since Munson said Jared Afalava, I will go with a different name – Jordan Westerkamp. He's not a flashy wide receiver, which is why I think he's not rated higher than No. 36 in the country at his position. He's not only worth the 4-star rating he's got, but he deserves a spot in the Top 25.

6. Under-valued recruit: (recruit based on team need satisfies a roster requirement)

Munson: This has to be Imani Cross to me. Potentially he could see the field as a true freshman and that could relieve 50 or so carries off of Rex Burkhead and that could mean a lot down the stretch of the season. Cross is just three-stars and myopically people see short yardage, but Cross is capable of so much more as a runner.

Harvey: It might just be Paul Thurston, the 4-star offensive lineman often forgot about. This year Nebraska started multiple walk-on guards at times. Thurston projects inside at least early on in his career and if you look at the highlight tape, it's impressive.

7. Biggest get: (battle for a recruit with a school that Nebraska won)

Munson: Both Greg McMullen and Michael Rose come in a distant second and third for me when it comes to comparing Nebraska beating Notre Dame for Jordan Westerkamp. I didn't think that there was a chance in Nebraska retaining Westerkamp; mom likes Notre Dame, Catholic School, from Chicago, poor passing numbers for Nebraska this season, etc.; but the Huskers held on. Westerkamp is easily the biggest get.

Harvey: Jordan Westerkamp had every school in the Midwest after. Then the Huskers beat out Notre Dame in the end – a team right now set up a little better for a receiver.

8. Biggest miss: (battle for a recruit with a school that Nebraska lost)

Munson: Andrus Peat was a disappointment. I believe that there wasn't ever a ‘warm-fuzzy' by anyone that he would go to Nebraska, however the deck was stacked in their favor. First, older brother is already at Nebraska and loves it (apparently). Second, cousin and current team mate Avery Moss is heading to Nebraska. Third, if there ever was a class that Peat could get lost in then it might be the Stanford class and the group of lineman that they hauled in. We will see how that goes for him. I know that you ‘get' the education, but standing out with that group will be tough.

Harvey: Andrus Peat…no more needs to be said.

9. Should have gotten an offer: )

Munson: It's clear that Nebraska wanted two tight ends in the 2012 recruiting class. Nebraska secured a commitment from in-state product Sam Cotton early on in the process, but has time went on names like Orlando David, Nate Iese and Keoni Bush-Loo all arose and died again. Early on, there might have been a chance to re-enter the picture with Parade All-American and Iowa commitment, Drew Ott, from Giltner (Nebr.) after he unofficially visited early on in the season. But, Nebraska never offered. Never seemed to consider taking two, in-state tight ends.

Harvey: LaTroy Lewis, a teammate of Greg McMullen was also a 3-star defensive end, but never got an offer. He ended up committing to Tennessee.

10. The class that you envy the most: (another school's class that you like based on who they got)

Munson: I like Florida State. They only came in at No.10 in the team rankings, but that is mostly because of just 19 total commits. Of those 19 though there were six five-star and six more four-start prospects including the #1 defensive end, #1 cornerback, #2 quarterback and #4 defensive tackle in the country. Very solid class, in my opinion.

Harvey: When talking about Nebraska's needs, I look at a class like LSU's. They did take six more verbals than the Huskers, but got plenty of talent at linebacker (4 four-stars and Deion Jones). Plus, a couple very solid tight ends with two corners who have lock-down potential. They didn't get a quarterback like Tommy Armstrong in this class, but a very solid one in Jeremy Liggins.

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