Q&A: Doc Sadler Michigan Preview

With a 11-11 record, Nebraska will look to protect home court on Wednesday, and in the process avoid dropping below .500.

Talk about your rotation with out (Jorge) Brian (Diaz), how many do you play and who do you play?

"That's something we are still talking about. You have added Mike (Fox) into the mix and probably Christopher (Niemman), but probably with this many games in this many days, we are probably looking to play some guards to. I don't know for how long, but we will probably have to. After looking at the tape, I think we got a little tired against Minnesota. It's a fine line. We will see how it goes."

You've said four of the freshman aren't quite ready for the Big Ten, but do they have to be ready now?

"They weren't ready for the amount of minutes they were getting, but that's not to say they aren't ready to play some. In the first four games they were getting quite a bit. I think that was unfair to them at that particular time. But to their credit, they have continued to work hard. I think if they are put into a situation, they will do fine."

So to be clear, do you plan on using them more now?

"We'll see. (It's more possible?) No doubt."

What do you think of Michigan?

"I think they are a very efficient basketball team. They don't have many roller coaster rides. They are going to be pretty much the same for forty minutes. Which at times has caused us problems. We have had some peaks and valleys, so I think that is going to be one of our biggest challenges. I have seen them play really well and even when they are not scoring, they don't have many drought periods. They are really efficient in what they do."

Doc you are right around .500. How do you guys approach this final month of the season?

"Just like we would if we were below or above .500. Each game is important. I understand where we are at. But I'm not sure if I expected us to be much different than where we are at. Especially once we got into January. We still got seven games and basically all of them are just like I thought they would be. If we play very well and make some shots, we have a chance to have a great season still. I know some people maybe disagree with me, but the good news is those people really don't matter. It's a matter of what these guys out here think. They still have a lot of confidence and still have a lot of fight in them. I believe that 100 percent. I don't know if they have shown you anything different."

Michigan is not that tall of a team, is this a good one to start with not having Diaz?

"I think what gives us problems is they are going to switch everything, they will switch 1 through 5 now – where we have gotten the mismatch before with Toney or Mike. It's going to be difficult I think, where we set a lot of ball screens, there won't be an advantage to those. That is how we score a lot of points. That has me concerned. We have to hope that we can figure out a way to score some points outside of ball screens."

Josh Harvey has covered college football and recruiting for Fox Sports & Scout.com since 2008. He is now the Publisher of Big Red Report, covering Nebraska athletics.
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