Butler Loves Nebraska's Pro Appeal

He's not solely looking for athletics, but defensive back Devin Butler (Gonzaga HS) is very impressed with Nebraska's roots to the NFL and he hopes to perform like one former Husker once he hits the college ranks.

"Prince [Amukamara] was someone that I looked at while he was there thinking ‘yeah, that's who I'd be like if I played corner'," said Butler, who recorded 46 tackles, six interceptions and 12 pass breakups as a junior. "The pro appeal is high at Nebraska."

The Washington D.C. native isn't just seeking a football powerhouse, though. One of his ultimate goals when deciding on where to attend college is whether or not the school fits his academic desires.

"I'll ask myself two questions: would I want to be there if I didn't play football and would I still go if all the coaches left," said Butler. "So it's really a mix of education, campus lifestyle, stability, and playing time."

Between all the schools that have displayed interest in him, Butler, who was recently offered by the Huskers, claims that they all meet his requirements, including Nebraska. Because of that, it makes his decision even harder. But what could be the separating factor is Nebraska's education and storied history.

"Anywhere you go Nebraska is known for its history in football, it's a football school," said Butler. "It doesn't get much better than that honestly. The arts and science school is good since my major will be psychology so that's good news to me."

A first-team all WCAC selection, Butler has received offers from Boston College, Iowa and Northwestern among others.

- Josh Harvey -

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