Beisel enjoys Nebraska Jr. Day

From all indications the junior day at Nebraska yesterday was a hit. Eric Beisel, a standout linebacker form Fenton (Mo.) Rockwood Summit, was one of a number of players that were in Lincoln that was holding an offer. Beisel has been to see Nebraska before after taking an unofficial visit last season. What were his thoughts about junior day in Lincoln?

Eric Beisel, a 6-foot-4 and 210-pound linebacker from Fenton (Mo.) Rockwood Summit, was in Lincoln yesterday. Beisel actually came to Lincoln with an offer in hand and came away impressed and exhausted after a busy junior day yesterday.

"It was cool," Beisel said. "I was exhausted. The food there was amazing. My mother loved the academics. They really stress academics there. Besides that, the facilities and the coaches are just top notch."

Beisel liked the thoughts of good academics at Nebraska, but admits that his college decision will have a lot to do with football.

"It does, but football is getting me to school. My mom loves the support that Nebraska has for their student-athletes. We really wondered how anyone could fail with all of that support."

There were a lot of coaches and a lot of time spent talking to coaches yesterday while Beisel was in Lincoln. It started out fast and furious with him going to his recruiting coach, seeing the defensive coordinator and then spending time with the position coach and head coach.

"I met with Coach John Garrison who is my recruiting coach. We went right into a meeting room and on our way upstairs I rode on the elevator with the defensive coordinator, John Papuchis. He told me how excited he was to have me there.

"Coach Ross Els me up with me and I spent the most time with him of all of the coaches. He showed me around and told me how I fit in at Nebraska. He was excited that I was there as well. I met with Coach Bo Pelini in his office.

"That was really more of a sit down to ask questions and get more information. I didn't have a lot of questions, but my mom did have questions. He told me that he wants the best decision for me and emphasized that it's my decision."

Beisel has been to see Nebraska before. He came to Lincoln last year for an unofficial visit to see the Huskers defeat the Buckeyes. "That was an amazing game. I really enjoyed it. That day and junior day kind of spoiled me a little bit."

There were high hopes for the visit by Beisel, but he was blown away by what he did say. It was a long day though and he admits that some of that did take away from the day as a whole.

"I didn't know what to expect coming into the visit. I don't know what to rank it really. I haven't seen all of the other schools, but it was a high ranking. I would say it was an "8". I don't know. I was tired. I was tired by the basketball game. They had us going the whole time."

Things are really just starting for Beisel. He was at the junior day at Missouri recently and after Nebraska he has plans for three more junior days coming up in March. He would also like to get back to all of the schools he will have seen for junior day for a spring practice or game.

"I would like to get to some spring practices or games. I am not sure on that. I would probably go back to the schools that I will visit. I am going to see Illinois, Arkansas and Notre Dame. Other than Nebraska I have only seen Missouri."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for nine years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 11 years. His work can also be seen in's SuperPrep Magazine.
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